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Thread: How did you meet your OW/YM?

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    blueeyed72 Guest

    Talking How did you meet your OW/YM?

    I am not sure if this post has been done, but I would think it would make for some interesting conversation... did you meet online, through friends, out at the club, at work, or other? Was is slow to develop or were you both very into each other from the beginning.... details are good....


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    jetstream Guest


    I met my YM at my part-time job at a health club. At the time he worked there as well. It was slow to develop (my marriage was ending). I flirted with him some, he didn't really know what to do with it but he flirted back. This went on for about 9 or 10 months. Neither of us would make the first move though and it drove me absolutely insane. So not long before my divorce I asked if he wanted to have a drink with me and we started seeing each other about every two weeks, after that. Now we see each other 1 to 2 times a week. Going very well! Guess we're on our about 12th date or something.

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    jetstream Guest

    One more thing!

    I forgot to mention this—the real seeing each other part started quite slow and gradual but once we got together, it was rock and roll!

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    rougharrow Guest
    I met my YM while talking with a mutual friend. I hadn't seen him before (at least not up close) and we didn't even talk the first time. But, we couldn't take our eyes off of each other.
    He managed to pry my number out of our mutual friend and 2 weeks later we started to date and saw each other constantly. We have been living together for 4 months and I would be very happy to spend the rest of my life with him.
    Still we do have a couple of things to sort out............Fingers crossed tho aye

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    Diabra Guest
    I met my YM on a singles dating website. I liked his pictures and his profile and so I took a chance and wrote to him. He wrote me back the next day and we went on our first date less than a week later. We pretty much saw each other every weekend steady, until the dates began turning into whole-weekend live-in's and getaways together. Then he had to leave town suddenly a week ago and thus far... sadly I have no idea where the story will end.
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    I met my b/f in a yahoo chatroom. We became friends and chatted for a few months before exchanging photos. But, the photo he shared with me initially was dark and grainy and it was difficult to really distinguish his features. Then one night I saw him on cam and as Sheila said, it was " KABOOM!". Then, he saw me on cam a few weeks later and, for the next 6 months, began pursuing a relationship with me rather patiently I might add.

    After talking altogether for about 8 or 9 months, I realized he was the kind of man I have been looking for and decided to meet in person and everything at that moment fell into place.

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    miss b Guest
    I met my y/m online. He sent me a message when I logged on one nite to check my email. He messaged me because we lived so close to each other and things went from there.

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    There are a bunch of great stories (including mine) on this thread:

    Happy OW/YM Stories

    But, the cliff notes version-

    We met in a bar while I was dating an OM. He wanted me to leave the OM for him. I didn't, but the OM was killed in a mugging and Jeremy and I got together after that.

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    Inahnia Guest
    I met my husband playing Neverwinter Nights on a server run by my son-in-law. (We both love computer gaming).

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    GoldieCat Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Kristin
    There are a bunch of great stories (including mine) on this thread:

    Happy OW/YM Stories
    Yep, our story on that thread still works - only it's a little over 3 months later now and we just bought a house.

    (And to echo Inahnia, we are/were both gamers as well - we didn't meet in a game, but it was a major common interest that brought us together.)
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    Cheeky1 Guest
    We met online a couple nights ago - we have a hot date tonight

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    we were introduced by a student of mine--the students older brother and my bf were friends from high school

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    beldara Guest

    Online Gaming

    I play an online Game (World of Warcraft)..a mutual friend introduced us for the heck of it and we stayed online chatting all afternoon from 12noon until 5am...the rest is history! We met and spent two weeks together and i am planning on moving soon so I can be near him. He is still in college so moving isn't an option for him at the present time.

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    BrownEyedLady65 Guest
    Met online.

    We had met via an online dating website. This YM liked my profile, IMd me, and we IMd back and forth for over an hour. During this hour, we exchanged phone numbers and he phoned me. While talking on the phone, he said he'd like to meet me. Well, I wasn't doing anything, so why not. We met in a coffee house. Didn't have a second date for another two weeks, which was partly my fault since I just thought he looked too young. There's a 33 year age gap. But after spending time together on the next couple of dates, it was like the age gap just melted away.

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    Online here too...

    We met on a forum much like this one only for metal... he flirted, I fell and now we are married.... THE END
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