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Thread: I'm Too Old

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    jellybean400 Guest

    I'm Too Old

    Well, i dont really feel it, or act it... but i guess its the reason i cant have a REAL relationship with my "S/O".

    I'm 46 ... the guy i'm seeing is 27. It was friendship, and then sexual, and now its both, and i'm getting more feelings for him.

    We had a talk last nite, and he said he REALLY wants a relationship with someone closer to his age...he wants to have kids eventually...etc.

    So, i guess i go on with it until i either get TOO deep of feelings, or am able to distance myself enough to just enjoy him, and the fun we have. We have ALOT of fun together.

    He didnt end it or was just a talk that came up...because i said that MAYBE women take these "sexual friendships" with more responsibility than the guys do. (I dont want to see other people, IOW.)

    I guess i'm just venting... i appreciate his honesty and i guess its up to me to hold back as much as i can...which sucks, but i'll never regret our (2-yr so far) relationship.

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    ~Guinavere~ Guest
    If you have already invested 2 years and now he says he wants someone younger, why hasn't this come up before? Why wasn't all of this discussed before? Or is it that he has recently changed his way of thinking when it comes to having children, etc?

    If he is adamant that he wants children and you are not able to give him that, then I would not stay in the relationship any longer. The longer you are in it, the stonger your feelings become.

    Is there any possiblity that he has already met someone younger he is interested in and that is why this topic came up?

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    skatergirl Guest

    No you're not!

    Girl, there are men out there who would not make you feel this way. I mean, it's fine to have fun with you etc., but when the question of real love comes up he turns a little fair long as things are the way he wants them he's down but as soon as you want to speak on matters of the heart...well...
    THAT DOES NOT MEAN YOU ARE OLD! 47, in my opinion is a fabulous time for women. I think that's awesome that you've had a wonderful relationship with him for 2 years...yay! But now that you've had this heads up, maybe it's time to reassess. Personally, I would rather be alone (I have a blast alone...probably because I'm nuts! ) Then compromise my chance to find true love by hanging with someone who is not going to give you what you dream of. Don't accept the mediocre, believe in the impossible becoming possible...that's what life is about!

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    jellybean400 Guest
    I think we always thought we were gonna be "F"*** buddies...

    He had just broken up with his g/f (his age) when it all started. Yeah, i knew he wanted kids, but it never seemed to matter in our relationship. I guess i thought it was gonna stay all fun and games. Or maybe i hoped he'd fall for me and forget the kids?? LOL (I dont have any, and dont want any at this age.)

    We havent been seeing each other "exclusively" for all this time. I had another guy i dated, and he has another girl he dates. Shes 35, but he said she wants to have more kids. She has a 15-yr old daughter.

    I just dont want to see other people anymore, because i like just having ONE person. But, i see hes not the one. Better i stop it now, i guess, before i really fall in love.

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