Well, I'll start off by saying a little about myself :-) I'm a 21 y/o Male and I'm a Customer Service Administrator in Specialized Major Accounts with the Nations largest Paging (Beeper) Company. I've been with my company for 4 months and have had two promotions so far.

Currently, I am working on a very large project at work, which also involves having monthly meetings with the mayors office of one of the largest USA Cities. My mananger called me one night and told me about Sandra, told me how long she's been with the company, etc. He then asked me if I had anything I could have her work on because they want to get her up to my level, So I agree'd and he sent her over to my desk. I started showing her some stuff I was working on and explained my big account to her as well... At this point, I thought she was attractive and very friendly.. I was instantly like "wow"

Well, It was almost time for her to leave, and it was time for my lunch so I left my desk and she went back to hers. She came by my desk while I was at lunch and put a Post-It on my Computer Monitor saying "Mike, Thanks for all your help! -Sandra" Which, I didn't think much of other than "wow, that was really nice of her!"

She was still at work when I got back from lunch and I noticed she sent me an e-mail asking for my MSN Messenger Name (We use this at our company to keep in contact around the building) so, I e-mailed her back with my name and she IM'ed me a few min's later. We worked together for the next few days and IM'ed each other all day long. We started talking about our interests, hobbies, music, movies, pets, kids, etc etc.

I then noticed she would come by my desk as she was leaving which she never used to do, and one time she waved at me, and one time my mom (she works there as well) was at my desk talking to me, and Sandra came up with a huge smile and said "I just wanted to say hey!"

One night, I was at work long after she left and my pager started going off, it was a text messege from her asking how I was doing.. since then, we've been paging each other like crazy while off work, and kept talking on MSN while at work... we were ALWAYS talking.

So, one day, I said to her "We should hang out sometime" and she agreed saying "that would be wonderful!" We both agree'd to go out NEXT Weekend (11th) however, we got to talking yesterday and we ended up doing a "last moment" thing and ended up going to see a movie last night. We didn't get to talk a while lot, but we both had a great time.. She was able to tell me everything about her past marrage's and her kids though. We ended up leaving at around 12 AM and we both had plans to meet each other at 8 AM This morning at a local Coffee Shop and to go to church together.. which we did :-) She also agree'd to have coffee and church again next weekend as well as the orgional date.

This week, at work, we will be working VERY closely together and on Wednesday she will be attending the mayor's office meeting with me, and all the other days this week we will be working on that project.. so this week will be a very busy week for both of us.

Anyways, more details about her... She's around 30 ( I don't know exactly, but she said she had her oldest Son at 18, he's 12, so that's 30) She has two boys 12 and 8 which she does not have cusditiy of (which I won't go into details about, however, it's nothing wrong on her part.. very long story, but it had nothing to do with her)

She's been through A LOT, and this alone amazes me on how strong of a person she is... She's also one of the sweetest/nicest people I've ever meet, and we both have a lot in common. She's Christan which I like A LOT. She doesn't like games in a relationship as well. She's not hard to please, very very easy going/laid back person. Her personallity is EVERYTHING I look for in a person... and there's nothing about her that I don't like. She's attractive, great personallity, etc.

When I first started working with her on the first day, I was like "wow, I'd like to get to know her better, but I bet she's married" and I had NO IDEA she was that much older than me... She doesn't look that old. She also knew I was single because one day (very shortly after we started working together and before we really got to know each other) she asked how my weekend was and well, I had a date that weekend which I thought didn't go that well (because for one, I'm looking for a serious, long term relationship, I don't like games.. and it turned out she just wanted to date but didn't want a relationship) so I told her about it and of course, she was nice as could be saying "aww you'll find the right one!" and stuff.. then all the flirting started.

I guess my question is, what are the chances this could work out? Also, from experence of other age gap couples, what are some of the big issues you've had? My last ex was 25 (I was 20 at the time) and for some reason, I seem to attract/get along better with older females than myself because most females I know my age want to party/drink and don't want anything serious.