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Thread: My oldest daughter..

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    My oldest daughter..

    Some of you know the heartache that my family has had with my oldest daughter. She is a meth addict. She became addicted almost 4 years ago. She was addicted the FIRST TIME she used it.

    Please keep her in your thoughts. She has almost FOUR MONTHS now of sobriety. She is working a job that she loves and she is very good at it.

    I know we only have today and things could change in a heartbeat. However so many of you have held me up when I was down, that I wanted to share my joy right now.

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    I am so happy she is making you said, it is a one day at at a time thing, but it sounds like she is doing great!

    She is in my thoughts....let her know people from all over CARE!!!

    ~ You are a child of the Universe, no less than the trees and the stars. You have a right to be here, and whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the Universe is unfolding as it should ~

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    Thats entirely awesome, Barb! Wonderful news....I'll certainly keep her in my prayers!
    What lies behind us, and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
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    good news! i'm glad for you YR

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    Chatterbox Guest
    That is terrific news, Yellowrose!

    And thank you for sharing it with us. We hold you and your family in our hearts and hopes more than you may know.

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    kindanice Guest
    Wonderful news yellowrose. Thanks for sharing.

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    mnorman3 Guest
    I'm so glad that your daughter is on the road to recovery. Yes it's a long, hardy, curvy and bumpy road. I will keep her in my thoughts for a lifelong positive outcome.

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    Progress not perfection!!!

    This is good.

    Love you Barbara.

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    I'm so happy for your daughter, for you, and for your whole family. May God bless her and continue to guide her on her path to recovery.

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    As I shared a few years ago, she had 6 children and was the Sunday School teacher/Soccer Mom for 15 years. She and her control freak husband were members of the church (very fundamentalist).

    Her husband had an affair with a 22 year old woman and left my daughter. My daughter just fell apart and could not get over it. She married very quickly a guy that was at her church, only to find out he was a meth user. She did the stuff ONE TIME and was totally addicted.

    She gave her 4 youngest children to her ex, thinking she would get help. But she just sunk further into the abyss. Her ex will not let ANY OF US in Texas see or talk to the kids in Florida, not even the two oldest children. He is a very mean spirited person and has a lot of issues to say the least.

    My daughter feels awful of course for the pain and damage that she has done. But here is the GOOD PART. She is working as a care-giver at a home for disabled teen age girls. They are ******** and need a lot of attention. She is there 8 hours a day with another woman. Her mothering of these girls is beautiful. She is their champion when someone mistreats them. She drives a van and takes them to church with her.

    So while she cannot YET give her children love, these young girls are getting loads.
    I have to believe that this is her path to healing...

    Thank you for posting... I read each one with tears of comfort and understanding. Thank God this site is here. HUGS....

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    Lovaholic Guest

    Your daughter sounds so much like my younger sister. She too had a terrible marriage & was finally brave enough to leave. When she did she was lost & hooked up with some bad men. She lost her 3 kids (who are all messed up as well) & is now an alcoholic & cocaine addict & prescription drug addict. Like your daughter she is wonderful with the elderly & mentally handicapped & works with them at a local hospital. Her drug use has subsided, but she's still hanging with a bad crowd. It's so difficult to watch the ones we love suffer & not be able to help.

    I hope your daughter can become stronger & face her demons. I will put you in my prayers & pray for all of those who struggle with addiction & self esteem.

    My x husband of 17 years cheated on me & it was devastating. I tried to commit suicide 4 times. I was anorexic and just an empty soul. It took me 2 years to get my act together. Thankfully I wasn't addicted any drugs and was able to provide for my 4 beautiful children, but it wasn't easy. I can totally relate.

    So happy to hear she is working at her steps!!!

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    Barb, I just saw your thread!

    I can't tell you how happy I am for the progress in your daughter's life. I know that you have hurt and worried, and been praying for her for a long time. She seems to be on a great path, and each new day of sobriety puts greater distance between her and her past.

    I will say a prayer for her, her children and for you as soon as I hit the "submit reply" button

    Happy, Thankful hugs!
    "What the caterpillar sees as the end of the world, the butterfly calls wings."

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    freespirit Guest
    and kudos to you Barb for the beautiful mothering you provided which has enabled her to reach this have been there for her and nnow she will mend...small steps, huge gains....well done all of you....and blessings to the kids, they still have a mother and a grandmother....

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    opal Guest
    Stay strong Barbara. You are a good mom.

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    Make sure she realizes that each day she succeeds is a gift she gives to herself and her loved ones.

    I pray that she sees that she is a beautiful woman who made an unfortunate choice. And I pray for a day, soon, where you can enjoy watching your daughter with her children and they're all smiling. That day can't come soon enough.

    Providence and blessings upon you. You are a strong woman.
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