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Thread: Keep It New Or We're Through!!

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    Lovaholic Guest

    Keep It New Or We're Through!!


    I recently heard Ashton Kutcher say this in referrence to his relationship with his OW wife Demi Moore.

    We all know that life can get mundane & boring. Like the movie Ground Hog Day we can often get into a very boring routine day after day.

    What have you done to spice up your life? Any ideas for keeping relationships new & fun? Let's not fall into the rat race. Lets keep it new & exciting!!

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    I went through my lingere drawer, found an outfit I hadn't worn in a long time and texted him at work to tell him I'd be wearing it when he got home.

    After staying late at work for the previous couple of weeks, he SHOT home that night - and the next night, too!

    He told me that he was thinking about it all the next day & was looking forward to seeing what I'd wear next. He even bragged about it to a friend, LOL!

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    Lovaholic Guest
    How simple, but how effective!! I do the lingerie thing as often as possible. I also read somewhere that crawling into bed totally naked is a huge turn on for men.

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    Tori Guest
    I text'd him that yesterday was "steak & BJ" day... we had a great dinner date and the anticipation was a great excitement...

    then today... because we were exhaused all day... i told him that I think Steak & BJ day should be celebrated on the weekends...

    we joked that it was a long night and maybe i needed more practice to get it over with faster...

    just silly little things to let him know i think about him....

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    JennyJen Guest
    I thought my bf was making up steak and BJ night, then I asked my friend and he told that it is a real thing, it's been around for like 7 years or something. Well anyway my bf got neither last night.

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    Lovaholic Guest
    Ha Ha...................I had never heard of Steak & BJ night before. I'm sending a text right now!

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    OHLis Guest
    Im on board with the text messages. Technology is a beautiful thing.

    My only fear with it....We get quite graphic at times ( I make great use of the "add a word" in the t9 dictionary), and I am always worried I am going to hit the wrong button and end up sending it to his mom because her name is right above his in my address book.

    It does work wonders though, for keeping the heat going all day. By the time he gets home, he is crazy, lol.

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