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Thread: What Should He Call My Son Officially?

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    thesultanswoman Guest

    What Should He Call My Son Officially?

    I am an older woman (52) with a son of 17 in university. My young man is 31we have been together three years.

    We have recently relocated to Europe and of course, there is much beaurocracy and red tape, registering for this, and I.D. card for that, connected with finding a new home and buying vehicles.

    Although we are married, so far, I have kept my ex-husbands name, (for my sons sake), but plan on changing it officially next year, which should simplify things for us.

    While my son still calls me mom, and my YM by his name, my YM does not know what to call my son, on official documents. Obviously in person, or by mail/sms he uses either his name or our nickname for him.

    My son is not adopted by my YM, (although he has been a far better influence on my son than his biological father ever was).

    So should my son be referred to by my husband on official documents as 'my wifes son' or 'my partners son' or 'my step-son'?

    Any tips or advice much appreciated.

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    miu Guest
    'My step-son' sounds simple and to the point.

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    I'm thinking step son...but I am not a parent, so others might have different advice.

    Congratulations on the relocation, hope it is going well!
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    Rozie Guest
    I think step son fits.

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    If it is an OFFICIAL DOCUMENT, I think you might ask an attorney. Legally, he is his step-son.

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    my hubby's got 3 of em.....and even on the U.S. military stuff we had to fill out, all official forms, taxes, insurance etc......step-sons. or! minor dependent
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    My husband (age 26) refers to my children as his step family. Even my eldest, who is only 3.5 years younger than my husband, is referred to (somewhat in good humor) as his step son. My 18, 17, 12 and 10 year olds all refer to him, when talking to others, as "my stepdad." In conversation, they call him by his first name.

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    Amina Guest
    Step son makes sense to me...wife's son sounds very distant and impersonal.

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    scott2075 Guest
    I would go with step-son b/c everyone understands that term.

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    Joel calls my daughters step-daughters.

    One day Joel and I were looking at my oldest daughter's homepage and she had put up some pics from christmas there and under a picture of me and Joel she had put Mom and Dad
    And this is the one that when Joel and I started out was most against it.

    I think that step-kid is a safe way to go.. but you could also ask the kids what they think...

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    He should call him his step-son, as that is what he is, legally.

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