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Thread: Long Overdue Update

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    MsB Guest

    Long Overdue Update

    It's been a long time since I introduced myself and asked for help, but good news is too good not to share. If you don't remember me, it's okay! I'm Bev, now 45, and dating Zac, now 24, since April of 2006.

    I'd decided to break up with my YM last February, and got some really good advice on giving him time to grow up. I was ready to take things to the next level, but he was still living with his adoring parents and not ready to be an adult. Since then, he's taken a nice full-time job with great prospects, and we're moving in together next weekend. I'm so glad I listened to you guys and chose to be patient.

    I've met The Parents and they know my age. They took it EXTREMELY well. His mom hugs me goodbye. I've met a few other family members as well. We are still getting to know each other but they're always nice and act like there is nothing odd about my relationship. I know this is probably unusual and I count us fortunate.

    Being patient has been its own reward. I knew I was taking on some additional responsibilities when I chose to date someone his age, and I took that seriously, even when it caused me some pain or displeasure. I had to let him come to things on his own, in his own time. The day he said that being with me made going to work worth it, that I was what he looked forward to the most every day, was what made him get up and face the day, I cried. I've watched him choose being an adult and giving up all the luxuries and selfishness of the life he'd been living, and for ME. Okay, not just for me, he knew it was time, but I was a big factor! The upshot is that he's moving into this new place with me because he wants to, and he made it happen.

    Things still aren't perfect, and never will be. I don't know where this is heading, how long we've got. It feels crazy to say "forever" when my forever is so much shorter than his. He's in full-throttle twenty-something and an older woman might not fit into his plans once he hits thirty and might start thinking about kids. We don't talk about it, saying, "I promise to love you until I don't". It works for us. We're figuring the rest out as we go.

    Much love and thanks and best wishes!

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    I'm really happy things are gonig well! Thanks for the update....keep us posted on how things continue!
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    grumpysgirl Guest
    Wonderful news!!! keep us posted girl!

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    Best wishes for continued success and happy updates!
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    tinydancer Guest
    That is wonderful news Ms B!!!
    I am so happy for you.
    Blessings, TD

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