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Thread: Feeling Lonely

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    Feeling Lonely

    My husband is a MP national guard. Lately he has been having to leave a lot. Well I work from Monday through Friday. When he is home he has retail hours. Well today is Monday and I have the day off. He was going to work but requested the day off. But to go play paint ball from 10am to 4pm not to spend with me. I really haven't spend anytime with him for about 3 1/2 weeks for he was completely gone for the 2 1/2 weeks. And would come when he could for the last week. He worked this weekend. So I thought he was going to take the day off to be with me. But He didn't he left instead.

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    I am sorry that you are feeling that way. Paintball sounds fun, though, did he invite you to play with him? Maybe he had a match he promised he would go to. Maybe you should talk to him to make sure next time he takes a day off he should spend it with you.
    You know it's love when the pain of being apart is greater than the pain of being together.

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    chi77 Guest
    I'm sorry you're lonely too.

    Probably any other time, your husband going to play paintball yesterday wouldn't have been an issue, but since you're feeling lonely, this time it is.

    Try to keep things in perspective and think of all the things you and hubby do together.

    He does need some time to have fun with the guys too.

    I agree, let him know you're missing him and that you hope he can plan a day together with you next.

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    gorillagirl Guest
    Do you know WHY he decided to play paint ball instead? Sorry you're missing him.

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    VenusDarkStar Guest
    I'm sorry you feel this way. :-( Perhaps a positive approach might work better. Sounds like you and your hubby need some serious alone time, but he might need to work out some stress with the guys so he doesn't take out his negativity on you. How about asking him for a date? Don't just surprise him, because he might not be in the mood and run off to do something with the guys while you sit there in the candlelight by yourself. Tell him you love him and want to spend some time with him, and make it like a fun and romantic you used to do before you got married.

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    So sorry to see that you are sad.

    Time to dig deeper into this one.
    Why is he acting so distant.

    Sounds to me like there are severe issues to address and work on.
    From a guys perspective if I work my *** off and on my off time I don't want to be at home with my girl, this would be near the end for me.

    I have never done that to a girl, it has never gotten to that stage.

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