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Thread: Back from Vacation

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    Back from Vacation

    Chris and i took a nice road trip to WV to see his family. Things are good, no drama, we are worknig on simplifying our multiple households down to one ASAP. For those who don't know, we currently maintain 3, yes THREE households. Jobs have been scarce where we keep our farm, so we both work 2+ hours away - in OPPOSITE directions. No *****ing or moaning here, just finally decided that i would leave my job and re-start my farm call practice closer to the farm/Chris' job. So that's the only thing in the works right now.

    We are coming up on 7 years this New Years (we were 35/18 when we started this adventure !!!) We are happier than ever. Yes we have had our stumbles and some major hurdles, but we have always stuck together and i honestly don't see that changing!

    Here are some pictures from our trip

    Uploaded with

    lovely view lol

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    I am LOVING this post!
    the update... the pics... your smiling faces... the lovely, uh, view... together for 7 years...
    and your HAPPINESS !!!

    It's RESPLENDENT !!!
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    You two look great together, and so happy. I'm sure when you began your journey together 7 years ago it must have been with apprehension, but maybe it wasn't, maybe it was just you knew... at a soul level. I wish you happiness for the next 77 years and beyond...
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    This thread put a big smile on my face. You two look great, the pictures are awesome, even the "lovely view" one. Wow, seven years! Time flies when you have fun! Best wishes for your move.
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    Wonderful, it is trucks on it does not seem to care about the age difference thing....

    Finding a guy that sticks around after the hurdles and is ready for the next is a keeper. Best wishes to you both.
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