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Thread: Asking out a shy older girl

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    Asking out a shy older girl

    I'm in a small local restaurant here often that's operated by the owner and usually one girl. Obviously I talk to her a lot when I'm in there and sometimes she seems interested, but she's a little shy. I recently found out that she's quite a bit older than me, about ten years. This does not bother me, but I'm not quite sure how to ask her out (or where I'd ask her to go) because she knows I'm much younger than her. I figured the best approach was to just treat her like anyone else and pretend we don't know anything about the other's age. If she brings it up, I would just say it doesn't matter to me, and it really doesn't. Also, is it inappropriate to ask her out when she's on the clock? Her boss is a real nice guy but he might not appreciate me hitting on his employee.

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    If I were her, I would rather you ask me for a non-food related activity, like a movie, or another nice place. The way you should do it is tell her "There is this great movie (or whatever) I want to talk to you about, is it ok if I come by after you finish your shift?". Because otherwise I would be uneasy about someone waiting for me after work, specially at night, I may think the person is a stalker.

    If she wants to ask what do you want to talk about, just tell her that you want to ask her out but do not want to bother her while at work.

    Another idea is to bring her a little present, like a cute beads keychain, a small puppydog calendar, or another small inexpensive item, a music cd for example. You could write a card that says "for beautiful so and so". And then the next day or the day after that, ask her out.
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    I think its not good for you .I thing remember that all relation had own importance in our life and we need to take care of our relations .You need not to much worried about it just tried some thing new and different . What you think about it share your thinking about it .

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