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Thread: Back at Ageless after a long absence...

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    Lilybart is offline Member
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    Back at Ageless after a long absence...

    Hello all--
    I just wanted to re-introduce myself. I was away for a while but I'm back. Seems that OW/YM relationships are where I am most at home. I am in a new relationship now with a YM who is warm, loving and has been great to me! So far, things have gone very smoothly. It's only a few months in though, but if he starts to give me trouble, you best believe I will seek some support here. I love this community!

    PS--I am happy to finally see that YM are posting at Ageless and seeking advice. I don't recall having many of them here a few years ago. I believe this to be the best sign that society is becoming more accepting.
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    chi77 Guest
    Hello and welcome back.

    Here's hoping you will always be on the giving end when it comes to advice!
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    That's great! Hope it all works out! I am relatively new here as well, but OW are where it's at!!!

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    Welcome back!

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    Welcome back. It's interesting that you say it seems that age gap relationships seem like your groove.

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    VenusDarkStar Guest
    Welcome home!

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    Welcome back!
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