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Thread: Feeling Much Better About Things, but Still Wondering About What If...

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    Arrow Feeling Much Better About Things, but Still Wondering About What If...

    Hey, Everyone

    Well, I'm headed off on Tuesday to see my family and also my OW I met at that family friend's wedding back in June on Tuesday and really looking forward to it. I'll be gone eight days in all, and while Liz and I won't be spending the entire time together, we will be seeing each other quite a bit, starting with dinner on the night I arrive. Also, my most recent post last week -- "Am I Making a Mountain Out of a Molehill" -- proved to be unfounded, plus she really seemed to love the flowers I sent her today because I got a really nice text from her as soon as she got them.

    Still, a small part of me keeps on wondering and worrying if her fears and concerns about our 17 year age difference -- which seem to have largely subsided in the nearly six weeks since our last visit -- will resurface again when I first see her, and if so, how I can best handle that even though there's no evidence at this point to suggest that I will need to.

    Again, as I've said before, all I want to do is keep things on the nice trajectory they've been going on and I truly haven't been pressuring at all, at least I don't think I have. In addition -- and even despite the fact that I, too, still have some trepidations about our age difference (as much as I prefer older women), not to mention that we live in separate cities -- that the positives here still overwhelming outweigh any negatives.

    That's because, as I've also said before, she's truly one of the sweetest, most genuine people I've ever met, we have ton in common and there's never been one single word of unpleasantness or disagreement between us in the entire six months we've known one another. What's more, we continue to have a very playful chemistry (she always responds to my Facebook posts, says I'm funny and thinks my hair looks cute longer.

    Anyway, I could use a little extra boost here. Would love to hear from you and hope your holidays are great, too.

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    gorillagirl Guest
    STOP WORRYING SO MUCH!!! here's your boost!
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    as far as I've read the things you written here on Ageless you seem to be a nice person. I really don't understand why your girl (OW) wouldn't appreciate to be with you and why she should try to not get to know you better? You don't seem to be a man that would hurt a woman deliberately or just using her for sex or your own joy. You seem to be honest and open with your interest and a man that also tries to show her your seriousness in a good way (flowers, messages, phone calls etc.)

    Even though there are obstacles like her having a daughter in school and you two living in different cities I should advice you not to focus on the negative problems but instead of the possibilities and opportunities. Try to just enjoy these days in her town and give yourself a chance to hope and feel good. In time things will develop and everything has to be taken step by step. As I said in an earlier comment I do understand your feelings about uncertainties and all dwellings about how she feels or think about you - but suppose we have to accept the fact that that is a state we all go through when our heart and souls fall in love.

    Try to just go with the flow - how hard it may seem - but worrying to much will just give you pain in your stomach and sleepless nights.

    I send you some strength to enjoy your journey and there are so many wonderful people here on Ageless that wishes you luck so you shouldn't really feel alone.

    I don't know where gorillagirl find her dancing monkeys but I really would like to send you some more of them - just to remind you to dance and have fun like them!
    Navigare necesse est!

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