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Thread: There's a 23 year age gap

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    There's a 23 year age gap

    So yes, I'm young.. I'm 18 years old. And I have really strong feelings for a 41 year old man. I'm not some stupid immature teenage girl who doesn't know anything about love.. He has told me I'm very mature for my age. I have to say, I'm crazy about him. I have never felt this way about a guy ever. He knows how I feel about him and everything. It's been about 5 months since I've told him about my feelings. We're not dating though. We have not taken the relationship any further yet because he thinks its impossible for us to date cause of our age gap. Oh and he is single & has no kids. He's not a creep or anything. No need to worry about him taking advantage of me because I know what kind of guy he is and he's not one of those guys. Anyway, I really want to be with him. I really want it to work but its just the age gap.
    What do we do?? I don't know what else I could say to him because I have tried talking to him about making it work..

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    What do you two do?
    What are your plans for the future?
    Maybe he is afraid you will be going to college and he will never see you again.
    You know it's love when the pain of being apart is greater than the pain of being together.

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    22 year age gap here....

    You've told him how you feel. And he's told you how he feels. All this went down about 5 months ago, with no change in status quo. My guess would be that he's just not that into you. If he's hesitant only because of the age gap, well, some people just can't handle being in an age gap relationship. It happens.

    Unrequited love sucks, and I'm sure you're wishing he would just give you a chance, but I don't see it happening. If something was going to happen between you two, it would have happened sometime during the time you confessed your feelings and now.

    Enjoy the friendship you have with this man. Maybe his feelings will blossom into something more. But don't hold your breath.
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