Hi My name is Melodie and Im involved with someone who is 23. Im 45. I met him online and met him once. What was supposed to be a 2 day weekend ended up being a 2 Hour meeting. Its not our age gap pertaining to anyone seeing us together etc, we dont care about that. Its the age gap pertaining to him still living at home. His dad and sister treat him like a child. He has to be home at certain times, he cant stay overnight anywhere and its really frustrating. His sister knee he was supposed to meet me, she found out, told their dad and he actually took away his cell etc. Im at the mercy of them because he lives at home. I am supposed to go back to see him next weekend and I was very blunt and said well if Im driving there to spend 2 days there then I expect you to be there with me too. I asked him if he was afraid and he said no.. Then why does he not stand up and say im old enough? I joined for advice in this..his family is killing us. Anyone have these probs with family and what should I do? Thanks!