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Thread: Here we are, 16 years later and still in love <3

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    Here we are, 16 years later and still in love <3

    I haven't been on here for probably a decade! But my partner Streff and I used to hang out here all the time in our first few years together, and I remember how comforting it was to hear from couples who were still together long term. So here's and update! Streff and I have been together 16 years today, and we are still the most solid couple I know. None of the things people warned me would happen have happened, he's stood by me through ill health and disability, through family turmoils and all of life's ups and downs, and I love him more every day.
    I'm not saying it's easy, but age is not the deciding factor in whether or not a relationship works, so if you're where I was when I first came to Ageless 16 years ago wondering if I was crazy for having these feeling for someone 17 years younger than me, then all I can say is, sometimes it does work
    Love from
    Babes66 and Streff
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    Thank you for sharing! I remember you both from when I first joined the site many years ago and it was a super busy place. It's wonderful to hear that you're still together, and even more wonderful to hear that you're still solid and more in love than ever.

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    Good to hear from you.
    We are in year 26 - it stays just as good.

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    Congratulations! Sixteen years is no small potatoes!
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    I popped by Ageless just to see if anything has been going on and ran across this post. I'll have to let Babes know to update this post!!!
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