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  1. My Husband Died Recently
  2. Nine year anniversary!
  3. Here we are, 16 years later and still in love <3
  4. Those in AGRs for a long time, what are the top 3-5 tips you can offer?
  5. Feeling Very Sad and Insecure About What to Do
  6. 15 Year Age Difference
  7. How Do I Deal with Her Pulling Away After Three Years?
  8. Marriage
  9. Seventh marriage anniversary!
  10. Would this work?
  11. Assorted migration issues.
  12. "I'd marry you but I've got 6 years on ya"
  13. Interested in a woman from a different country
  14. Friend or romantic interest with a younger man?
  15. Older women, younger men, can it last?
  16. Trying to Bite My Tongue About My GF's Terrible Boss I Used to Work For
  17. Sleeping arrangements
  18. 13 years
  19. Is she into me??
  20. Did I screw this up?
  21. 6 year wedding anniversary!
  22. My new YM
  23. A question for women married to a YM.
  24. Been there done that!
  25. Immigration
  26. Are you Mom?
  27. Marrying your YM
  28. Everything's Perfect Except My OW's Insane Boss Who I Used to Work For
  29. Canceling Dates....?
  30. Back after a cpl years
  31. Im new here :)
  32. Need opinions please
  33. Insecurities and a few other issues.
  34. First Anniversary
  35. Hoping to reconcile...
  36. The LDR is getting rough lately
  37. Telling my son about VYM
  38. My young man died ...
  39. Getting on with his 'friends'
  40. should I give up on this guy and show him the door?
  41. Giving Back
  42. dating an older woman.
  43. I need to exress....
  44. Being mistaken for his mother..
  45. After a while...
  46. Making friends
  47. Still working through the whole OW/YM thing
  48. So does anyone else here have awful parents?
  49. I got Married!
  50. A positive article on OW/YM relationships
  51. no longer a ym! whaa!
  52. Need to recapture some self confidence
  53. Flying to see him next weekend and may meet his aunt.
  54. How hard can you be on your YM?
  55. Don't let the "Cougarville" in the title put you off, it's a good article.
  56. Hello
  57. Was it all bull****?
  58. Forgotten Anniversary
  59. Should I not have told him?
  60. Confused
  61. News
  62. dilemma
  63. what do you do with your past?
  64. Update on the craziness
  65. uncertainty?
  66. Laides, did you ym intially say he could never...
  67. Opening up
  68. Nine Successful Months
  69. Why can I only see six threads in this forum?
  70. Has anyone here seen your child/children in an age gap relationship? If so...
  71. Family trouble. I do not even know what to do with this mess!
  72. I think I'm in trouble
  73. Match.com article notices shift in YM being with OW!!
  74. What does love mean to you?
  75. Three years today!
  76. Statistics?
  77. What's your secret?
  78. Is he just using me?
  79. My Birthday Gift
  80. Leap of Faith
  81. Over before it even started
  82. Confused with questions
  83. Taking Criticism about relationship
  84. Nick and son are getting along better
  85. In love with a friend of the family! (OW/YM)
  86. University, long distant relationships and concerns
  87. Between . . . app for couples
  88. Adoption journey
  89. Moved in Together!!
  90. In a Really Good Place Even Though There Are Still Some Issues
  91. Why do people feel the need to report to you about your exes?
  92. When she makes more than him, or when he is a Stay at Home Dad
  93. need advice on dealing with sister in law:(
  94. You and your Ex YM... are you still in touch, maybe even as friends?
  95. Falling Deeply in Love
  96. Did I just get Friendzoned?
  97. Does it pay to be a nice girl?
  98. There's a 23 year age gap
  99. Great News: Had a Blast with Her Last Night
  100. Should I Say Anything??
  101. New to Forum and Age Gap Relationships
  102. New Here and to Age Gap Relationships
  103. Feeling Much Better About Things, but Still Wondering About What If...
  104. Paws vs Christmas
  105. Am I Still Making a Mountain Out of a Molehll?
  106. Am I Worrying About Nothing?
  107. First post from new OW/YM member: Need encouragement and guidance!
  108. I feel like a no good!
  109. Even Though It's Great Now, Can Things Last?
  110. Things Continue to Be Going Well
  111. Counseling Session Tomorrow... Please Wish Us Well!
  112. Shame and frustration
  113. Moved in Together!!!
  114. Feelings.....
  115. She Called Tonight
  116. Trying to Keep Things in Check After a Great Time
  117. Advice/help?
  118. Update: Going to See My OW "Friend Girl" Tomorrow and Hope it Goes Well
  119. Update: Going to See My OW Tomorrow and Hope it Goes Well
  120. What if I cant give him kids?
  121. Everything Worked Out on a Great Note
  122. Offered a job in the same company as my YM's, but...
  123. Feeling Blah Again, but Not Completely Hopeless
  124. Update: Took Your Advice and It's Working Out Well
  125. Thanks Everyone I am Feeling A Lot Better
  126. Trying to Get a Read on Things and Feeling Frustrated
  127. telling your age
  128. Wish Me Luck!
  129. fiorinda
  130. Will the Chemestry Still Be There?
  131. Not comfortable with the age difference: any insight?
  132. Third anniversary coming soon
  133. well we did it
  134. Back with an update
  135. Awwwwwwwwww!
  136. me...again
  137. prenup panic
  138. supposed to be getting married and panicking
  139. Ageing ageless...
  140. confused
  141. Ever feel isolated as a couple?
  142. Last night I saw a man I used to date and things ended badly :(
  143. I need some advice
  144. 9th year wedding anniversary
  145. So i just wanted to share this...
  146. Testing
  147. Help I need some support urgently. We love each other but everyone is against it.
  148. The final curtain call......gooodbye
  149. Not a Second Time
  150. >>**SQUEEEEEEEE**<< HE proposed!
  151. Great Age Gap/ OW/Ym article!
  152. Tick Tock
  153. What is going on?
  154. I broke up with him after he stood me up.
  155. Swept off my feet?
  156. Terrible trouble with the in laws
  157. Warning; lots of crazy is about to be unleashed.
  158. I'm getting married!
  159. Leader-in-training
  160. How big an AG is too big?
  161. Age difference and possible caregiving
  162. The dark history of Haiti
  163. Is it always a bad idea to spend money on your YM?
  164. Social life diminishing ?
  165. Do you ever have trouble understanding your YM terminology?
  166. A few questions for the ladies
  167. A Candle in the Wind
  168. Thinking of letting my YM go.
  169. Why do I feel uncomfortable?
  170. Living with a live granade
  171. New guy
  172. Back from Miami!
  173. Guess who's back!
  174. Meeting the parents
  175. Being hit on in front of YM
  176. Separate Vacations
  177. I'm 42 and he is 26 - 16 year age difference
  178. Unbelievable, but true!
  179. New here could use advice.
  180. Growing Pains
  181. The tables have turned!
  182. Not thinking of getting engaged, but thinking of moving in together !
  183. Dating support help
  184. So this OW thing still feels a little strange!
  185. Back at Ageless after a long absence...
  186. YM looking for some support.
  187. Finally getting Married:):)
  188. YM Husband walked out 3 weeks ago - feeling devastated
  189. The thing I have learnt the most - really important
  190. I need some guidance please
  191. Should i let my silver shine through?
  192. Need you about dating
  193. New Here and Looking for Advice/Support
  194. Trouble in Paradise
  195. Need to take life changing decision.Plsss suggest
  196. Asking out a shy older girl
  197. It doesn't feel the same
  198. Holding our past relationships against our current one
  199. Hey! I figured out my password!!
  200. Should I leave her alone for a while or try to let her see it ?
  201. Can't wait until Saturday
  202. Happy Update
  203. It finally happened, mistaken for his mother :p
  204. 3 month update and misss all of ya'll
  205. His mother hates the idea of love..
  206. New Here and What a Ride so Far.
  207. Texting/trusting/breathinnnnng
  208. Yay! He is leaving!
  209. Still working to accept the gap
  210. What Do You Think of This Statement?
  211. Wedding Day
  212. Stopping in to say hello!
  213. He doesn't know my real age
  214. Who knew gasoline was more romantic than flowers?
  215. Stuck wanting more
  216. Flying solo for a while
  217. Need help - stay or go - going crazy with these trust issues.
  218. my latest mess--bf got upset over my neighbor's insinuations..
  219. So now what?
  220. gawd awful update
  221. Moving?
  222. My Middle Daughter
  223. Waiting to meet family until we move in together?
  224. telling the world
  225. help...more problems in my relationship..confused and don't know what to do.
  226. First encounter with his family (sort of)
  227. Finally did it
  228. its been over a month
  229. Advice and courage
  230. Advice and courage
  231. Back from Vacation
  232. Been Meaning to Do This For a While Now...
  233. 11 months single
  234. I'm not sure why I have a problem with this
  235. Feeling Lonely
  236. Well I am pretty positive we are done
  237. So hard to just enjoy the time left
  238. Ugghhhhhh really bad week
  239. Worries in my new rel'ship-need advice from my friends on here
  240. Lost in the 50's and my rant
  241. Need some insight
  242. To contact or not to contact?
  243. Ho Hum
  244. Knew what I was getting into....
  245. Wow! It's been a year and here's my update:)
  246. worried
  247. She's 60 and im 40- need some insight/perspective
  248. Finally met my son
  249. What to do about my girlfriends daughter!
  250. Love Quotes