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Thread: Love

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    sweetlover is offline Heshy's man :-)
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    Oct 2010


    Hi all

    I dont say much on here, just read,
    but what i want everyone in the world to know is

    That i love Heshy so much.

    Love you so much my beautiful lady xoxoxoxo

    Heshy is red, sweetlover is blue, the more time we spent together, the more i love you.

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    Oct 2010
    Never try to fit in when you are meant to stand out.

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    chi77 Guest
    It's nice to hear that about Heshy.

    Seems like she comes here with lots of negative things going on in her life.

    Good to know you're around and I hope you have her back.

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    Heshy Guest
    I love you so much too my gorgeous guy <3

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    AsianBeauties Guest


    Aw, this is nice.
    It's such a great feeling to hear these three little words - like a big warm hug.

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