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Thread: Nerves on a first date

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    AsianBeauties Guest

    Nerves on a first date

    Anybody have any tips on how to calm your nerves before a first date if you are not sure of yourself?

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    Hi AsianBeauties
    I have been at that spot before. Not only with dates. I ones that stick in my mind come from when I was a kid in school and got me report card. and the grades where less then shinning lights. And there was no way to put it off. To the only think to do was go home and face the music.
    I think we make to much out of feeling unsure of our self on the first time we do anything.
    And in the dating arena the person you are going to date is just as unsure of them selves as you are.
    I thing it is just as easy to be honest and do not make up stories about your self to impress the date. One thing that I found is if you makeup a story you need a good memory so you do trip up your self later down the road.
    As for my self I have been one that any time I went out on a date for the first time with a girl I was a walking case of insecurity. All you can do is take a deep breath and meet the person. You will ether have a good time or you will not .
    My girl friend tell me I am so clam, cool and collected. And I tell her I may seem that way but on the outside But on the inside my stomach is on a roller coaster. My girl friend is quit a bit younger then I. And I told her that by being older than her I have had a lot more practice at making a fool out of my self. The big secret is to be able to laugh at your self. I do not know if this will help you any but it seems to work for me. So go on your date just have fun.

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    Have fun with it! Play your favorite songs and rock out as you get ready for the date.

    Rather than spend the date thinking "What does he think of me?" Take control of the situation and ask yourself "What do I think of him? Forget about what he's thinking of you and just be yourself. After all, that's what brought on the first date to begin with!

    And don't be afraid to laugh. Humor is a very strong trait to have, and one of the top traits everyone looks for in a partner.

    For our first date, OM took me to lunch. To a Thai restaurant that he'd been to many times. Now, I don't like Thai--I'm not into spicy food. As we sat down to order, I looked over the menu and flat out told him "What's not so spicy here? I'm too Polish for spice. My idea of spicy is adding black pepper to cream of mushroom soup." He suggested something good, I ordered it, and we enjoyed ourselves.

    Later on, he told me he felt bad taking me out to a Thai restaurant. He didn't realize I might not have liked spicy foods. But he liked that I had a sense of humor about it and didn't make a big deal about it, and that even though I said I didn't like Thai, I was still willing to try it. I liked that he didn't he helped me find something not-too-spicy that I might like, I liked that he helped me open my horizons (we've been to that restaurant a few more times since), and I like that he did't get all flustered about the situation.

    Another guy I went out with asked me if I'd ever had sushi. I told him I had not but was willing to try it. We went in, and I let him order. When our plates came, I enjoyed the food, but I simply couldn't get ahold of using those **** chopsticks, and my food wouldn't stay on my fork. So I just used my fingers. We laughed about that, but I could see in his body language that it slightly embarassed him that I wasn't eating the sushi like everyone else in the place was. I'm a very unique person, and I figured if he couldn't handle my uniqueness in that little environment ("what is everyone else thinking of her?"), he wouldn't be able to handle me in other situations when I really let my freak flag fly!
    Never try to fit in when you are meant to stand out.

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