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Thread: New thread (i think)

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    youngwoman Guest

    New thread (i think)

    Just wanted to know if anyone ever has any regrets that they didn't choose a younger partner? If so, what caused the regrets and what are you doing about it now?

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    SUSAN203 Guest
    There are 30 years between us......been together 6 years and are getting married in May. No regrets.......

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    GreeneyedWoman Guest
    He's 56 and I'm 41. No regrets.

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    ilovehim Guest
    Hello Youngwoman,
    I am 21yoa, and he is 40. We both are police officers and lead somewhat stressful lives. He keeps me sane, and I him. We met 1 1/2 years ago, (on the job) as he was divorcing and I was leaving my bf of 3 yrs. I felt that at the time, I was interested in him more on a friendship level. Then, so quickly, we began being more. Now 1 1/2 yrs later, I don't think I am regretting anything, but do feel that some things I might have wanted to do are unable to be experienced now, because of our ties to this town. He has three children who live partly with their mother and he needs to be here for them. I always wanted to move out of WI, into a sunny state in a big city, but am unable to do that if I wish to stay with him, which leads me to have no choice. I don't know if that would have worked out even if I wasn't with OM. So I guess I can't regret what I haven't done, and what I don't know the outcome would be, but I do think that life would be unbearable without him, and that calms all of my fears. We are very happy together, and as long as I am happy in my life now, I can't worry about tomorrow, who knows where we'll be then. Hope this helps!

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    youngwoman Guest


    Best of luck to you both!

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    EMCAD80 Guest
    Well my OM broke it off w/ me in May last year (we are back together now) but the only regret I have is not telling him how I felt.

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    luvmyshelties Guest
    No regrets. He is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. Good Luck!!

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    MerAlove23 Guest


    Only regret I have is that we won't live all our lives together...although we could die at any time or day .... but in a perfect world and the future.... I regret that i won't be able to spend my senior days with him.... but I wouldn't trade it for anything... I love him with all my heart and soul...

    I am 27 and he is 44

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    crazyforyou Guest

    Thumbs up no regerts

    we've had our ups and downs but we mange to work things out. so i say i have no regerts. he's 48 and im 27.

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    sweething2002 Guest



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    mk2100 Guest

    Smile no regrets

    We've been together for 6 years with a 23 year age difference. I'm 37 and he's 60. If there is any regrets it's that we wasted the first year and half fighting what we felt for eachother instead of just giving in to it. He had convinced himself that I needed to find someone my own age. But, I can't help what I feel for him, and he couldn't deny his feelings any longer. Good luck to all of you yw/om relationships!

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    EMCAD80 Guest


    Your OM sounds just like my OM! I don't know how to make him see that love is blind and love can be found in places you wouldn't think's really rough!

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