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Thread: Age gap help - need advice

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    GabeDSF Guest

    Question Age gap help - need advice

    I'm 17, shes 22..and I'm falling for her. I met her in June of 2001 online and we've been talking since almost everyday. We've had our ups and downs in the friendship but now its the best its ever been. I introduced her to a friend a month after we met, and shes been talking to him (he's 21). That's not going too good , shes not giving her the time and just making her sad or pist off. It hurts hearing about it and it just makes me wish I can get the chance to make her happy "that way" (relationship).

    Now I know I can't come out and say something now, I'm not 18 yet in other words its illegal. But I'm falling for her. She has no clue, right now I'm her good buddy. We've gotten close, shes more comfortable telling me she loves me everyday, same goes for me.

    I would joke around, or pretend to be, and say she should just wait until I'm 18 to be with me. She would laugh about it, and smile. Never said no lol But still, i did pretend to joke around.

    But I'm lost, can this work? Me being 18, her being 23. She has a job, drivers license and I don't. Well not yet that is. I'm confident I can make her happy and treat her like my queen. But I'm not sure if I'll be able to get around that "buddy" image.

    what should I do?

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    Tyger74 Guest
    Well the good news is that you have been a good friend to her and that is what is good in your situation. I think one suggestion is to continue being friends and once you become 18yrs old you can talk to her about your feelings. Play it by ear! Trust your instincts. Take it a day at a time.

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