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Thread: Site seems to have slowed down

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    MerAlove23 Guest

    Unhappy Site seems to have slowed down

    This site seems to have slowed down.... I came onto this site in december hoping to get some support... I got some great info and great feelings from here.... but it seems liket he OW/YM forum is sooooo much more active.....Probably because there relationships are far less acceptable than the OM/YW senerio..... Anyway... I just wanted to post an observation.

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    ck02 Guest

    Unhappy i agree

    that's why i have been coming up with stupid topics...just trying to think of anything to get great conversations sparked. i liked the ideas generated with the "sexually speaking" thread...let's keep it going

    and yes, perhaps it is bc ow-ym relationships are a bit more taboo that more ppl flock to boards for support. i almost think that society is beginning to shun om-yw relationships more..maybe it's just me that feels that.

    and yes, i have to admit, i watched joe millionaire alot and this is off topic, but i'm so glad he picked zora. i think she is a sweetheart. he is one hunka hunka studmuffin i have to have a vice..and it's crapola shows like that.

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    MerAlove23 Guest
    Ah well....We are just the normal relationships now LOL.....

    I can't say that I have followed that show...My sister and Mom do though... they watch it on the phone together it's funny....

    I get to watching my soap operas and everything else comes second to that.....

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    MerAlove23 Guest
    Yes Sexually speaking should remain.... If nothing else... sex NEVER gets boring.....

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