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Thread: Living fence idea

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    Living fence idea

    I want to plant evergreen trees along my property line for privacy but I want something that isn't too bulky and preferred max height is about 12 ft- 15 ft. I prefer something low maintenance that doesn't need trimming. Any idea what kind of evergreen. We have harsh winters. My neighbor is ofcourse disappointed because she doesn't want my evergreen to shade her yard. I feel that as long as I plant them on my side of the yard the neighbor has no right to stop me. What say you?
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    Emerald Green Arborvitae

    there are different sizes, so make sure you get the 12' to 15' kind...not the 30'. it is a very pretty shrub. very little trimming needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by christina923 View Post
    Emerald Green Arborvitae

    there are different sizes, so make sure you get the 12' to 15' kind...not the 30'. it is a very pretty shrub. very little trimming needed.

    I just planted a smaller version of this plant along my property line and love it. I read that you need to twine the up in the winter so they don't get a heavy snow and flatten out, but other than that they are supposed to be very easy to maintain. I'm not sure how the larger versions are, but we have harsh winters here too and these are supposed to fare well.

    Two non-Evergreens suggested to me where a Boxwood and Burning Bush (Burning Bush (Euonymus alata "Compactus")). We did pick up a couple Burning Bushes because we loved the leaves turn red towards the fall and they require no pruning, though it can be done.

    Like you, my main wants were ease of care and hardiness. My husband installed a drip line and sprinkler system so I don't even have to water them to take root!

    I don't think your neighbor can say anything unless you have an HOA. If you have an HOA you will need to comply by their rules. We have an HOA and are not allowed fencing, hence the bushes to define our property line. All we were required to do was submit a written plan and agree to plant 3 feet from our property line as to not encroach upon the neighbor's property when they grow in. I'm thrilled. Neighbor not so much.
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    As long as you don't have a HOA, or a restrictive covenant on your property that prohibits you from planting the trees, and your city code allows you to plant them there, your neighbor can't prevent you from planting them.

    Like Angel said, make sure you don't accidentally plant them on your neighbor's property. My grandma's neighbors built an addition to their house and found out later that they were 3 feet over my grandma's property line. The neighbors thought they were okay, because of where the fence was. However, my grandma's fence had been set back from the property line so as to not encroach on the neighbors' property. In addition to purchasing that portion of the property from my grandma, the neighbors had to also pay for having the survey redone and the property line changed.

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    Excellent recommendations:
    Check with your local authority
    Make sure you have a good survey of your property

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