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Thread: What is the biggest age gap that anyone has ever heard of?

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    What is the biggest age gap that anyone has ever heard of?

    I have a copy of a book called "The Age Taboo". I have not read the whole thing, but I glanced through it a little, and it says that some of the material in the book was based on a study done by some college psychology department about older women/younger men relationships, and they interviewed a number of couples. It said that there were 2 couples in there where the age difference was over 50 years. I suppose one of these days I will read the whole book, but I just wondered if anyone had ever heard of anything like this. I thought it would be pretty awe-inspiring if it was true. I am a bit too old (71) to have any realistic expectations of finding someone 50 years older than me, but I couldn't help but think that if I could somehow go back in time and be about 25-30 years old, and find someone in her late 70s or 80s, and somehow we hit it off and started seeing each other, that would have to be a dynamite experience. I would be interested to hear any comments anyone might have about this.

    There are some very beautiful women in their 70s and 80s, even in their 90s. I knew one who was 93 and I seriously considered asking her to to out on a date with me. We had lunch a few times and she was always affectionate and friendly with me, in an innocent way. She was pretty attractive and healthy and active, and I have to admit that I thought that it would probably be a fabulous experience to be married to her. I had known her probably at least 10-12 years. But sadly, she passed away back in February.

    I have been in some age-gap relationships myself, including being married to a woman who was 19 years my senior.

    I have sometimes had the thought that if 2 people with a serious age difference meet each other and feel an attraction to each other, and start seeing each other and being together in a serious relationship, and enjoy their respective (and each other's) age roles, they should consider that age difference as a divinely beautiful gift from God. I also think that having a serious love relationship with an older woman is the nearest thing a guy can do to being in love with God. I hope that does not sound blasphemous. I realize some people might think that. I think the bottom line is that love is what it is all about anyway.

    Another aspect of this that I have pondered sometimes is the arrangement of a young guy being "kept" by an older woman. I think that could be another beautiful experience. It would not have to be anything degrading, or controlling, or anything other than a beautiful, loving experience between 2 people who were in love with each other. I once said to an older woman who I was up to my ears in love with, "if I follow you home, will you keep me?" and she said "Do you want to be kept by an older woman?" and I told her "I want to be kept by you." Sadly, it never happened the way I would have liked it to.

    Another aspect that I have thought of, and have heard of, and thought about, is that a young guy could be adopted by an older woman. I think this could be a fantastically beautiful thing. Obviously, she would not be taking the place of his real biological mother, but they could engage in some very beautiful and sensuous role playing around that. And when they made love, they could be eagerly and joyously committing incest. I think that with the right mind-set, it could be divine.

    I realize that some of these comments may raise some eyebrows. I regard it as thinking outside of the box, and doesn't mean that there would be anything weird or neurotic about doing any of this. After all, it would be between consenting adults.

    I would like to hear anyone's thoughts about some of this, if anyone has any.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rainbowstew View Post
    I am a bit too old (71) to have any realistic expectations of finding someone 50 years older than me,
    True, too old for someone 50 years older but barely old enough to be in a relationship with someone 50 years younger, which illustrates why such relationships will tend to be rare.
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    Well, ok but you asked for it! A Somali man aged 112 married a 17 year old woman.

    Keeping in mind the story could be made up and record keeping for births in Somalia is probably not that great.

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