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Greetings to all...I am in an age gap relationship with the most beautiful woman I have ever laid my eyes on. I just want to find other relationships similar to mine for some of the same reasons I chose to come to Ageless Love. I am aware of how special age gap relationships are and that they need to be nurtured in ways that are not traditional in society's standards. I want to know the challenges and advantages of other couples for comparison.....as I am in this for the long haul. if you would like more information just message oh and one more thing.... our age difference is 18 years. Im 19ym and my wonderful, beautiful girlfriend is 36.
I have known this special someone for a year now. Don't want to give to much info. The age difference is 17 years. I think he thinks I am in my 30's. Nothing has happened but we had drinks yesterday because I asked him. I am a customer of his and he is actually going to do some work on the side for me as well. He knows that I am attracted to him and I think he actually likes the age difference. I can tell he is attracted to me as well. He just got out of a relationship and I am going through a divorce. He is a dad at 27 and I am 44. He is very responsible and I think cautious. I have a son that is 24 and I haven't told him because I don't think that is something he needs to know yet. I have never been attracted to younger men so this is a first for me. I feel like something is going to happen soon but just wanted to know if younger guys are inimidated by older women. By the way, not to sound conceited but I am definately not bad looking and get compliments all the time from men of how beautiful I am. Just wanted to know your thoughts on older women and younger men. Thanks.