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Thread: OW: Do you get approached by men your age?

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    On the rare occasion I notice the attention there is no set age group it comes from. I've had from 16 () to 60 voice an interest in me. I'm shy to 'flirting attention' so I tend to be oblivious to it until it's obvious. Most have been sweet/flirty in their approach with only a handful that I would consider to rude and obvious about looking for an easy lay. My husband is also shy and it's a running joke that I left him no choice but to be aggressive otherwise we'd still be chatting and flirting online seven years later! ...he's probably right!
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    I've never been approached by men of my own age after I became single. Men who occasionally approach me is either men 10-20 years older, or men 10-20 years younger. Have tried to analyze this but can not quite understand that I can attract such different types of ages. I've been single for rather a long time and even though I'm a calm and a rather down to earth type I'm surprised that the few times men have approached me, older or younger, it has often been sex that they've wanted, even though I'm really not some hot babe! So I suspect that a man of my own age really is the ultimate for me though I'm longing for someone who takes a relationship seriously.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SheLikesKitties View Post
    I do not think that the wedding band, in itself, is any protection against approaches. In some men's mind it just means "cool, she will be ok with secret sex and will not want a serious relationship because she is married".

    I have no clue what the wedding band in a man means for women, but I figure something like "cool, he is marriage material obviously because he is married, let's see if I can get him to dump his wife and marry me".
    True, although I think the tendencies of that in Asia, men approaching married women is not as commonly much. But women to married men tends to be more. Studies showed single women tends to be more attracted to married men for reasons one of which you've mentioned. They call it "Mate Poaching".

    This is a short article about this topic - Single Women More Attracted to Married Men, Study Shows - Offbeat News - InfoNIAC - Latest Inventions, men are more attracted to single women while women are more attracted to married men. This is not the article I read, which is alot more extensive (don't know where it is lol it was an impromptu find), googling about the topic would have vast info on that.

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    Hardly ever

    Almost everyone who hits on me is under 30. I have a crush on someone who's in his late 30's (I'm guessing?) and I'm not as confident with him as I am with much younger men, as my powers seem to work best on the youngsters.

    However, I do find men over a certain age are a little more cautious and reserved, where young men often wear their hearts on their sleeves. When a 22 year old is infatuated with you - it shows. A 38 year old is usually a little better at hiding his feelings while he tests the waters first. So I think it's easier to miss their interest sometimes.
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    I dunno, I've had a 62 year old infatuated with me...and he was EXTREMELY obvious about it. Worse than a lovestruck 17 year old. LOL
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    I've had older and younger men hit on me. Mostly my age, though. One time I had a short Russian ballet dancer ask me to be his girlfriend. That was pretty good. I always tell my OM about them and laugh with him about it.

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    It's not the age, it's the guy...

    Quote Originally Posted by Azureth View Post
    Whether you're single or not, do same-age men approach you? We have lots of lovely OW here, so I was just curious if it happens much. If so, are they usually nice about it, or are they pushy/rude?
    I'm currently dating a guy who's 6 months younger than me (basically my same age) who joked about being a "younger man" when he was initially initiating things with me. The age difference in my previous relationship was 18 years. I've been seeing this guy who's my own age for almost a year---he's amazing. I thought, when I broke up with the ym that I would have a hard time going out with someone my age or older, but I think this guy is totally sexy, gray-haired arms and bushy eyebrows and all! It's funny, women do all this stuff to keep themselves looking "young", but guys just let things ripen. And you know, I couldn't care less. I love him for who he is.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Azureth View Post
    Whether you're single or not, do same-age men approach you? We have lots of lovely OW here, so I was just curious if it happens much. If so, are they usually nice about it, or are they pushy/rude?
    Occasionally (usually I'm with Chris, or my gf.. and when I'm with her men seem to think we're a couple LMAO cos we're just that comfortable together).. and no one's been pushy. I sort of feel bad when it happens as I think it must be difficult to approach someone you don't know.. and I am SO unavailable lol.

    Chi77, it seems to happen most at grocery stores
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    The only ones I really notice are the ones that are older than me..... I wear a wedding band and I notice the stares or getting checked out is always in the grocery store.

    I usually put my ring hand in an obvious location on the shopping cart.

    Other than that, the only intestest I have is for the one currently sick in bed and missing work. I only have eyes for the hubby with the flu.

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    Yes, men my own age approach me from time to time. I tend to give off a disinterested in romance vibe. It's true. My energies are all so focused on family now that I could not take on a dating relationship. I do still prefer younger guys.


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