My biggest thing for 2013 is to stop smoking. I've tried 3 times since the summer and it never lasted more than a week. It's my biggest goal and probably going to be my hardest. Of course with no more cigarettes means I'll have more money (around $30 extra a week) and better health. I'm planning on quitting with my best friend which means I'll have the support and not doing it alone always makes it easier.

Other than that I plan on just enjoying myself a lot more this year. I have to stop worrying about such petty small things. I have to focus on what is happening in my life that I enjoy and what makes me happy. I also want to start putting myself first and stop doing so much for others all the time and putting my needs second. I think just having a better out look on life and doing things that I enjoy will make me a better person. I also want to do more fun things, going on hikes and spending time in the City (I love very close to Manhattan and want to go more than twice or three times every few months).