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  • Hi 1love! Reading you today! Thinking of you! Wishing you so much strengths and tons of extra power at this time for you, in facing all the troubles you both have.
    Im my agenda it says may 18--> your graduationday! I really hope you can manage it all!:bighug:
    Thank YOU! I had a very good day together with Kevin.And you a lot of inspiration and spirit and succes for these last study months! I understand that you can't wait and.. look foreward to graduate soon!
    Thanks for the belated b-day wishes and the info on the background theme and ya we are a couple of fishes that like to share things lol!
    Thanks for the belated b-day wishes and the info on the background theme and ya we are a couple of fishes that like to share things lol!
    Hi 1love....hope you enjoyed your birthday yesterday......I have been meaning to ask you.....I love your background theme....could you show me how to do that?.....I imagine you can do the same on Facebook would be greatly appreciated if you could share that with me;)
    Happy Birthday 1love
    Hi 1love Let me wish you a happy :birthday09: :feest013:with all your loved ones ofcourse enjoy your :cake::)
    :bday3::bday3::bday3:!! en van harte gefeliciteerd and wishing you a happy day!:cake:
    I think we are lucky in that I have absolutely no opposition here from my parents, children or my friends and as we shall be living here in Australia that is a bonus. My mum had been with her second husband for 20 years and she is 12 years older than him. They are incredibly happy still, so it's proof that they certainly do work. The age gap has never really bothered me with my fiance, neither of us really see it and its the people we both are that we are in love with. I never expected to fall for someone so much younger but then I doubt you in the past or anyone else here did either. I am just hoping hoping he gets here soon, I miss him all the time, and I know that regardless of what it is we have to face it is going to be easier to do that when we are together.
    So glad you found your love, regardless of age. :)
    Thanks for the friend request and your supportive comments. Yes we are very happy and I believe we have what it takes to make it, otherwise I wouldn't be marrying him :). This was an issue I had never had to face before so wanted some clarity on the whole situation, certainly got that! But never did I question our love or happiness together.
    Are you in a relationship at the moment?
    Nice to meet you and look forward to getting to know you.
    pretty good. how are you? i'm taking 5-HTP, st. john's wort and flower essences right now so i'm kinda in a NUMB space which feels much more acceptable than feeling pain. you!?!?!
    Oh I was upset. I was quite upset. But better to say it in private than to be mean and say it up front. After a few prayers I found out it was a misunderstanding and basically her friend opened her mouth when she shouldn't have. With her it was different than what the situation appeared to be, but in a good way. So I let her explanation be the final word and everything is ok now. But I was quite upset, she's my right hand girl, partner in all things goofy. She helps keep me going without even trying. So yeah I was quite upset alright, just had to trust "the man in white" as Johnny Cash might say.
    Well the other girl that was mentioned. She was more than it seemed and not in a good way. The recent girl was the complication. She wanted to be friends but also wanted to flirt with me. I played along, that is till she pretty much drove me nuts with it. So after it was apparent that all she wanted to do was to tease me with it, I hit the ejection seat.
    Just found myself another few moments here! Thank you 1love for your respons!
    Hi Fishes!avatar! Yes, that is march! I am personaly doing fine, Kevin too. But family circumstances made it almost impossible to go at my home often and do much on my pc. Totally out of the blue.. i lived 24 hours a day in my mothers house. Her health condition was the reason! It was heavy and immens even for me..( as a former nurse) to take care of her... but i did manage it since 3 june.
    After hospital last week her condition is stable and changed for the best. So more time for me at my home..and..hope to sleep in my own bed soon! Thanks for asking!
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