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    thanks. okay. had to fly to seattle to be with family/medical emergency. going home soon back to zero contact with jesse or his crazy dad. neither one of them have contacted me for 8 days or 9 days or something now. I miss the sex but not the drama. xoxo
    Ha.! I tried what you said,,an it turned out ****ty .Oh well.At least it looks better then it did before. Thanks for the tip
    Just stopped by to say hey . Cool lookin profile,,how did you do it.?
    Hi, thanks! Me & ym have saturn in conjunction in sagittarius in synastry. Much alignement there!
    Thank you very much!!
    Yes i can find it all in here!
    Have a good week!
    Hi 1love! hope you are still very happy! I have a question! Last week i read in one of the earlier postpages about the planet saturn in synastrie! But... i can not find that special page again. (Dont know if you were posting on there then!) But ..maybe, you know that topic! Meanwhile I continue my search via the button.s. Have a nice week!
    thank you for the comments!! Ya everyone says I look a lot like grams...weird how that is LOL
    lol aw thank you for the comment. Nice to know someone misses me :p Yeah I got this new job and I've been working insane hours. 12+ hours a day, 6 days a week. I hardly have time for anything anymore. I have dinner like 2-3 times a week (excluding weekends) because of it. Just nuts. I've missed chatting with people on here though. I think I'm going to start it back up to the best I can anyway. I hope to see you around, beautiful! Take care <3
    hi,I am new to this site,I hope sometime we can exchange our views....with regards.
    Don't have to work tomorrow so that means only one thing - Golf, Golf, and more Golf! BBQ and Fireworks at the Rose Bowl with friends on Sat. and many glasses of chilled wine on Sunday doing whatever... life just feels so breezy : )
    Hi 1love, thanks for stopping by. I'm doing well but had a busy weekend so didn't log on. Went to a Dodger game Friday night and saw Transformers yesterday. I came back to a ton of new posts on AL - ha ha! Can hardly keep up!!!! Hope you are well : )
    Aw thanks so much! You are too kind!
    So......what do you need from me to read? Let me know if you are interested. I've never had my chart done. Do you do that?
    Oh you seem so interesting. I would love to have you read for me! Add me. Let's be friends! =)
    Hello to you too! And belated happy birthday!

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