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  • Angel:rose: I wish you a :bday3::bday3::bday3: TODAY together with your man and your kids
    thanks for the birthday wish that you sent almost a year ago.... didn't even bother to check my messages....
    Yeah we are getting there, although parts of his family are still causing drama. We have our heads down and bums up and just enjoying our life together. These people can choose to behave this way, unfortunately we can't control them. They will come around, and if they don't, then that is sad for them. xx
    Hi there, your relationship inspires me. I always use you as a topic when I talk to my YM about agegaps. Thank you. xx
    Hi Angel'

    Could you send'it to my hotmail,or phone.Btw,could I get a pic of you,and Alex,after all,yall seen a pic of me.....

    Hi Angel,and Alex

    It was nice talking to you the other nite.Hope that yall were able to make friends with yall's scope.As aways,if you need help,or have question,feel free to give me a buzz.My phone stays on 24/7.

    Hi :) Can you please delete my profile? The site has been helpful, thank you.
    Hi Angel

    So sorry I stopped dropping by, I have had a lot of changes in my life - all good but meant a lot of study so I had no time to come online! Sorry I've only just dropped by and seen this message.

    Things are all good for me, I will do a quick post on the boards to say hello again I think :)

    hope you are doing OK!

    Elaine/rosie xxx
    Lol well he left on the 10th this time. We can't wait for him to NOT leave too.. it was really hard this time. At least two more times for sure.. but we do marry next time he's out (November). Thanks for the comment, you're the first :)
    Hi Angel! I'm doing alright, enjoying being unemployed! Well, kind of, haha. How about you? Hope you're having a great weekend! :D
    It's coming along piece by piece. We still have a lot to do but now that school is done for the semester I'll be able to spend all my time doing it now, which is a great thing! I will be sure to update my posts for every little idea I worries.
    I'm glad that everything at home seems to be going so smoothly. I'm glad you and your hubby have some nice romantic tome now. I hope it continues and only gets better. You deserve it. I was thinking about you the other day and then you made that posts. <3
    how are you doing? you haven't been around- hope you are doing something fun!
    justin was doing great and then has had a couple really bad days. he is still sleeping; i feel like i have a baby who is napping and i am just getting things done while he is asleep- not really but it has that same sorta feeling- poor thing
    Thank you so much for the Birthday wishes. :D I apologize for not coming her much. Seems difficult to keep up with everything these days. How are you sweetie?
    hello my name joy my mail id (
    You were so kind to wish me Happy Birthday back in October. I'm sorry it's late, but "Happy Birthday"! I hope it's been lovely and full of those times that make good memories.
    haha - thanks! though, at the rate we're going, it's probably going to be more like 11-11-11, which is perfectly fine :)

    (I need to get back here more often to check my PMs and whatnot!)
    Hey, Im not gonna go around the subject for hours, im sure you re a gorgeous woman and I want to spend some time with you. Write me back :
    Doing great here, too, thanks. :)

    Marc and I have decided we're officially ready to take the plunge (actually, there never was any question but, given past bad relationship choices, we chose to just enjoy the relationship for a while before jumping headlong into the idea of marriage) and we've set a wedding date. No rush - it's not for another year yet. Happy new year to you and yours!
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