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    need some advice,just ask a lady what is the status our relationship is,she never reply my question.As i am not sure what is she thinking about.Then one day i call her up and she told me is best we be good friend and she never come across her mind about the relationship,she is in her 40 and i am in late 30.She told me i could ask her out for coffee or movies for now she feels is best we become best friend.What should i do,should i move on or .
    Congratulations on marriage and the little one. Three is such a precious age. Absolutely add me on FB, Nicole La Berge. Might be a year+ but you'll have to come to our movie premiere when the time comes :). Take care and have a beautiful Thanksgiving!
    umm duh me..I didnt realize until today, that you got married already...Congratulations...
    Thanks so much Angel for the birthday greeting!
    Hi Angel....I haven't been on here lately and totally missed your kind message. Thank you. Things are up in the air for me and my YM....we are in a very long distance relationship with a major issue to overcome or not, kind of at a pivotal point, I think. Thank you for asking.
    I knew they were playing "vid-e-o gamessssss", but yea I was TOTALLY asleep by then ;)
    Thank you for the birthday wish! It was kind of you to notice a long time lurker such as myself! Congratulations on your recent nuptials, I loved your pictures.
    I never thought about living between the two countries... hmmm.
    I prolly would have to do the visa prosses as everyone else, but for some reason I don't think I would have much problems. One time I just filled out one of those greencard thingy s online and I didn't even finish sending them in and I got a phone call almost pushing be to apply for a greencard... LOL
    And I think that the fact that by the time we will do this Joel and I have been married for such a long time (+having kids together) they will not think that this is a proforma marriage, and on top of that I'm a sertified practical nurse... knowing that there is a lot of unfilled demands when it comes tp nurses I think that will give me an advantage as well :)
    We already have decided that the picture will make a great Christmas gift for our parents and grandparent :)
    And yes, his family would want us to move over there today if that was possible... good to know that you are wanted :D
    The "funny" thing is that we actually don't have any higher taxes here than what you guys have... at least what WA have.
    I have told Joel that we are at least living here until we have had our second and last kid...
    6-9 weeks? That's less than what the dads get here! We have 46 weeks with full pay or 54 weeks with 80% pay + 5 weeks vacation! 10 of the weeks belong to the dad. 3 weeks are before the baby gets born (due date) and the following 6 weeks also belongs to the mom, but the rest couples divide between them self as they wish... normally the mom takes the most of it though ;)
    Hi there!
    Yes, little Maria is kicking up a storm now... usually around the time my head hit the pillow... LOL
    I posted an "update" in the thread we're having a baby girl (think that was what I called it). I just have about 2 months left to work now before I will have one year+ off to be a stay at home mom... then I prolly will be more around AL than what I have been lately!
    I'll keep posting updates etc. before that time though ;)
    Hi there, so stunned to be remembered. Two years w/ my guy and still strong. We just completed our first screenplay together. It's been an amazing journey. Neither one of us wants to live without each other... ever! The only OW/VYM issue I have is not letting the world in for scrutiny. Funny thing is that all of my co-workers know about us and his parents know and are all completely accepting. I just don't think I'll ever be ready to be chastised by the masses for something that they could never grasp. Wonderful to hear from you. How is your world treating you?

    Thank you again for thinking of me <3
    how are you sweet girl? hope you are enjoying married life !!!
    Hi Angel..thank you for the birthday wishes...Congratulations on setting your wedding date....
    That's my new mantra "more breaks more breaks" LOL .. I am SO happy for you, your wedding photos are amazing and your vows make me cry .. big squeezie hug right back atcha my girl xo
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