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  • Hi Angel,

    I've been okay. I was finishing up my bachelor's degree and sustained a concussion in an accident, but I should be checking in on a more regular basis now. :) I've missed everyone here, too.
    Thank you SO much! Your prayers are working because we are doing amazingly well, have had some very deep emotional conversations and have committed to working through our challenges with love and understanding!

    Congrats on your wedding date .. I am SO excited for you!
    Hi there! I posted an introduction, and I was just wondering if my posts will be moderated since I am new. It seems like I remember reading something like that when I first joined. Anyway, my post isn't showing up yet so I was just wondering. I'm glad I found this site!
    i saw in your posts that you have a toddler with your ym.. i was just wondering if you had always had plans for more children, or if you had any oppositions to extending your parental role another 18 years.
    i know at 31 i am at the age where most people are just starting their families, however my daughter is almost 13 already and i was never planning on children in the first place.
    i always see excellent advice from you and wondered if you would throw your two cents in =]
    ask more questions of course to clarify
    Thank you for your kind words; I really needed the reassurance. All the best until we speak again.
    hey you ! sent you a private message and NOOOOOO its not pervy!
    HUGS GIRL!! kai says G'day mate!! LOL...
    FINALLY I never thought it was going to happen with all the hooboo crap..BUT it is and my baby is on his way home WOOOO HOOOOOOO
    I hope you had a nice birthday. I didn't know it was so close to mine, cool.
    Hello Angel, I'm sorry for the slow reply, I haven't been on here in a while. Tonight is a little difficult but I have been better overall, thank you. How are you doing?
    yes I love his infernal majesty! my favorite song is poison girl! you have good taste in music
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