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  • *Sees a buxom beauty as Miss April in my 2015 calendar and steals some guilty pleasures...*
    Yep, you win Kelley. Even before your strategic use of the fingernails, I was ready to surrender. :bowdown: What's the forfeit?
    It is so good to see your posts again girl!!! I am glad your back!!!!! Hope life is treating you good!
    Congrats on the upcoming nuptials! I dig the whole 1-1-11 idea (I married on 9-9-9 ;)) so go for it! I'm happy to read that things are going well for you. We all deserve peace and happiness. If you're on FB let me know, I'll send ya an invite. :)
    Doing good thanks! I haven't heard from you in ages and had to check in on ya! :) Hope your holiday is fun (and with your kids! ;))

    I hope that you're OK, you know I'm here if you want to vent or talk!

    Just be strong and hang in there what ever it is you'll get past it!

    I hope you have a great day sweetie...:bgrin2:
    Kelley? gosh, i am totally confused! what are these little messages? wow, things are a lot different on the board! i just noticed the bloggers corner....karen's spot for us "over fifty" girls is kinda neat! sounds like things are going well for you! take care...kye
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