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    can you post any photo of you and your YM ? im eager to see...
    I loved the post in response to OMG my age just hit me!!! by Joesbabygirl. I really NEED to read posts like that one. My upbringing has left me with a great deal of insecurity and I never expected someone like Chris to come along.
    Bella.. you are inspiring... love the attitude .... thanks for being you..........
    Great smile Bella. Best avatar yet.
    You and David are an inspiring and unforgettable couple. I also like that you two still have the hots for each other. No one knows the future, but tonight I hope you'll look deep in one another's eyes and hug each other snugly.
    (((hugs))) Thanks for always being considerate and understanding when it's needed the most. David's a lucky guy.
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