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  • Hey. You still around on here?? I haven't logged in since 2011 but my guy and I just became engaged and I thought I'd drop in and let some of my old buddies on Ageless know about it! Yep, we're still going strong. And on our 10th anniversary, we're tying the knot. How are you?? Oh wait. I see now that you haven't been on since December of 2013. I hope you're doing well!
    Hello Bellydancer! How are you? Please come back with an update! I miss you. :)
    Hey sweetie. It's been awhile. How are you doing?? Do you have a Facebook page? I have several of my AL friends on my page and I would love to ad you. PUHLEEEZZE don't tell me that you're already on there. I will be HORRIFIED!!!!!! lol. If you have one, send me the link. Oh hell, I'll send you my link. lol Been traveling anywhere lately???
    Where you been? Left me hanging with that new guy of yours and the staggering 9month age gap. Hope all is well.
    Hey girl! Well thank you, just trying to keep up with your piramids and things. Huggles.
    Oh that's awesome! Best of luck to you! I'm doing good. Life is pretty busy but hey! Better busy than bored!! man wants me to take those lessons...he says that I have the hips for it. I hear that it is good exercise too! I think he just wants me to learn so that I can dress as a bellydancer at the next Renaissance Festival....LMAO!
    Yes. That boy that you knew....the one that lost the leg. If he made it thru life and came out on top and lived it to it's fullest....then he my dear...has Moxy! Do me a favor. Next time you're in Australia.....walk across that damn bridge in Sydney and SCREAM my username when ya get to the highest peak! I've always wanted to do that :)

    I travel so much that I sometimes don't unpack my bag from one trip and I'm off again! I'm addicted to it! I only came back from Morocco six weeks ago. I was in Nepal last October. I went to work in Singapore last August. My problem is that I am a bit too self-contained and men find me intimidating because of that! or so I'm told! I responded to your post about 'moxy'. I think I would like to be in the dark about it for a while - sounds so mysterious! I am moxy! How cool is that! I went to school with a boy (many moons ago) and his name was Graham Moxey! He was a nice boy but he lost his leg in an accident when he was about 12. I have fond memories of him. So I guess 'moxy' at least sounds like a nice word!
    God I love a woman with some moxy! I love that you are picking up the pieces and moving on with your life. Travel babe! See the world!!! The right guy will come along and when he does.......The two of you will live like there's no tomorrow! You watch and see! I wanna be your friend!! I'm sending you a request right now! :)
    Right after I replied, I got a PM from Orchid. Her settings on her album were set to "profile" which may have been why you couldn't view it. She has changed it now to private, and since you are on her friends list, you should be able to view it now.
    Oh I thought you had later said that you could view it. Hmm. I'm not sure what's going on. I posted a note to Orchid suggesting she check to see how she had set her settings for her album. Members can change that themselves and we can't see their settings, so I'm not sure how she has hers set up.

    Have you tried clearing your internet cookies to see if that would help?
    Hi Candy1706

    Yes, I did enjoy Egypt. But I have to say that I prefer Morocco to Egypt now! Hope everything works out for you and your Egyptian!
    hi bellydancer
    it seems like u enjoy egypt!!!AND ME.. TOOO :)
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