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  • The eject button can be very useful that way. It seems like you are ok with it. Good for you! :)
    I'm ok. My sweet Teddy dying last Sunday put a huge damper on my spirit. I cannot believe he is gone. He was mine for 10 wonderful years. Other than that, I am finishing my semester this week. Right now I am forcing myself to write a research paper that is due tonight by midnight. I am a procrastinator. :) What was the complication?
    Hey cuteguy, where have you been? We miss you around here. Hope everything is ok. Give us an update!
    I'll live. How are you getting on? My LDR man is supposed to fly out for a visit later this month.
    It does sound like you did well. I spent New Years eve in NYC attending the Met Opera production of Carmin, and then a wonderful Italian dinner at a 5 star restaurant. Temperature in NY about 17 burrr,
    well Hi cuteguy- I'm still around. Always happy to chat with such a handsome young man- Hope you had holidays as good as mine.]
    I'm enjoying it, getting to know my way around, meet some new people, I'm in an AGR and just wanted to get some other perspective on some things from some other people and saw this site, I thought it looked like one of the "better" ones that I had seen so I figured I'd give it a whirl, you know, try and you shall SUCCEED type of thing. Any hoo, it was great talking to you and I look forward to hearing from you in the future.

    ROFL you go with your badddd self hehe..HAPPY BDAY by the way hope it a LOT of ways *wink*
    Well why don't you just use it as a frisbee? hehe. Happy Birthday Cuteguy! Hope it was a good one!
    Ahhhh.......FINALLY! Someone I know is on here! Wazz up cutie patootie?? hehe. Glad it's the weekend! You?
    Yes. I am well aware. I want the pistol grip and the 20 round drum. I wanna empty that mag so bad!!! Good luck getting yours! I know you'll love it!
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