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    thak you love, I have been super busy and use sons net for now but soon will have ours set up again! and you will see me post more! hugs
    Hello SuperGirl! I joined Ageless after being a "guest lurker" for a couple of years. Now I like to think of myself as an observer. Like a student auditing a class. The posts here and the answers are so helpful and pertinent to my relationship from my standpoint that I only post if I feel I have something worthwhile to add. You guys got this down! It is the best resource I have found. It has helped me relax and enjoy the best and most loving relationship I could ever ever imagine.
    Thank you!
    Hello! I just read a post by you on a thread that I've been commenting on. I like your story....or what I know of it. I don't know how I've missed you....I've been on here since 07! Anyhoo......something about you brought me to your profile. Prolly because your age gap is about the same as ours. I love the success stories!! WHO DOESN'T??? lol.
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