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  • Didn't mind at all! I think our lives need to have more fun in them! Thanks for stopping by to say Hi! This guy and I haven't met in person yet. We might never. There have been some complications. He felt the distance between us was too far. We stopped having contact by email for a few months because of this. I re-contacted him to let him know I was coming to Vegas for a training conference since he had suggested if I was ever in Vegas, we might meet "as friends" for a drink. In the mean time, he had started dating someone who lives in the same city as he does. He didn't feel comfortable meeting me at that time because of this. We stopped emailing for about a month and a half, again. I slipped up a couple of times in weak moments, but he held firm with no-contact. He then recontacted me to tell me he hoped I'd enjoy a concert he knew I was going to in Vegas one weekend. Started it all back up!
    Saying Hi and :hello3:and hope you don't mind that i was making a bit of fun.
    I love to hear more about dating this dude!
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