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  • Wonderful follow up to Bella's on OMG my age just hit me. I need to read more of these.. it's still all quite new to me and I still have the occasional panic attack..
    I could use a friend with some insight and compassion! I am new to this and so lost and afraid.
    HA! Well then you and Dev will both have broken brains! :giggle: Your husband & my husband have deserted us both...though I have an inkling you're already sleeping so I'm the only one deserted right now! He made me get on the phone and asked if Alex could play, haha. :p
    Joo no lubs my Matrix inspired page with de paper guys trying to get out? I know joo lub it, don't liez 2 meez. ;)
    What do you need Sami? LOL I'm not wise or interesting, but I'm happy to get to know you.
    just a quick hello! wanted to say You have been so good to me with the visa process and wanted to say I appreciate EVERYTHING you did for are an angel and a rock! love ya girl!
    Hi there! We just got home around 3 am from Walt Disney World. Had the time of our lives!
    Hey Ellethe, you have been MIA- I've missed you...... as I always love and appreciate what you have to say. Is everything ok?

    Well I have a level 71 Mage that I love. (she was my first), a 69DK, 58Rogue and 3 other lower level toons. I haven't been able to play ever since we moved in November. I thought I would miss it terribly,'s been nice not having high speed (we're in the STICKS). Now with the weather turning nice, we hope to spend more time out of doors and less time on our arses. hehe!
    OHHHh......and you play WoW. Lemme guess...the boredom sat in after the DK made it's appearance. No?? =)
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