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  • Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!!!

    :bighug: :bday3: :w00t: :cheers:
    I love your new're so cute! I love the new hair! Wow! Blessings for a wonderful New Year!
    wanted to send you hugs and hello!
    Wow! Lucky you. Sure... Want to speak on the phone? PM me your phone number and I'll call you.
    October 24, 2008


    We talked before about getting
    some body work done. I will be addressing that issue soon.

    Can we talk?

    If your husband can breathe around you then maybe he's not looking at you right... *w*
    hi there, saw one of your posts and lost my breath when i saw your photo.
    Actually, I haven't lost that much weight... that pic you saw was taken 3 months before the second one... I pretty much look the same, it's the HAIR, and the makeup that make me look smaller. However I have lost a lot over 4 years, little by little, one of the things me and the YM in mention have in common :)
    Thanks for the clarification (IRL).. I feel like a complete idiot now.. lol
    It is a very sad thing for sure... but one I've seen played out over and over here.
    i think hao or whatever his name is is screwed on this one. he messed up, she messed up, the whole thing's gonna end in tears. call me cynical, call me pessimistic, but don't call me wrong.
    can i gert ot know you babe...
    I'm so happy that you are back, I really missed having you around! )))hugs(((
    (You look wonderful btw)
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