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  • Happy Birthday Eponavet!....I remember you from the old days lol! Try to have a great birthday!.....Percy ;)
    I still wonder how you are doing, beth! :) Let us know when you get the chance.
    Happy birthday:)!! I understand you two are together today!:bday3: ENJOY:)
    A simple smiley face means a lot. Thanks!
    :)Hi!I come to you for a little help, cause i am searching for an old post! I start reading it last week! Can not find it again via the search buttons.. It gave special information over saturn in (synatrie) horoscopes.
    Thanks Bellydancer. :) I'll be working all day, but honestly, i'm so happy to HAVE work...that's like a birthday present itself... :eek:
    Very much so. Thanks! So tell me (if you don't mind) how long have you been with your SO? I just love hearing other people's stories. Me and my guy have a 13 yr gap (26/39) and have been together for 5 years now. We are raising 2 of my 3 children together as our own (my oldest is 20 now, so we don't count her. LOL!)
    JT took my "first" again so I'll just say hello lovie!!!
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