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    allo tu vien de montreal aussi
    sa te tenterai tu de chaser un peu quand ta le temps
    Yeah, I do not post very much, because I am quite seldom visitor over here - that is why my respond comes 4 months later to Your question (I have managed to forgot the webpage exact name also :p ). BUT it has been busy time for me also and it will change soon, so... . By the way I love the aero photos that You have there in Your album. :)
    Hi there ,

    I live in Chateauguay, also. I used to be a regular member here. but I haven't been around for almost three years. I'll be resurfacing with my two cents soon, so hopefully we'll get to know each other through our posts. take care for now! Soyez contente!
    J'habite à Chateauguay . J'ai marqué le québec pour la province de Québec. Es-tu anglophone ou francophone ou les deux?
    Thanks for the welcome! Nice to see some fellow Canadians here! I'm from TO. Just reading and taking in info. Hope to start posting soon!
    Bonjour. Merci pour le message sur mon profil. Yes, I have visited Montreal many times. I agree that is a beautiful city too.
    Nice profile. I love the photos of Montreal. It is truly my favorite city to visit. There is a local photographer that taks great photos of Montreal and the rest of Quebec if you are interested. (No, I am not Denis, I am only a fan of his work).
    Thanks! I was going to put the full photo up but, I'm shy about showing my full face. :p
    oooooh ok. i hear ya. i'm jealous! i've only ever really traveled around canada. not that i regret it, we have some beautiful places here too (like checking out the shaw festival at niagra on the lake) but i've never been to somewhere exotic, you know? it's on my list of things to do... once i plow through the rest of the things on the list above it lol.
    definately looking forward to it :)
    HOLY COW, 911 POSTS? you really like this site lol. thanks for the comments on my stuff though, i appreciate your thoughts and look forward to hearing more from you :)
    Well, I hope it still will be. I kind of had a date, but it seems that it's been cancelled.

    Hope yours goes well.
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