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    hello Gypsyheart :) how are you doing gorgeous im a young fellow looking to get to know you better ;)
    Is Mr. Rock still causing problems? ;) I woke up today thinking of you all!
    Hey Gypsy I wandered back into ageless and many are gone.. so sad... give me an email or visit my website .. I hope you are well and happy these days. :)
    Hi Gypsy . .

    Thank you for thinking of me (and missing me). I've been very busy with the gentleman I met in August, holidays, family, work . . . you name it. I just took a little break but I have thought of all of you and wondered how things were going.

    How are you?
    Love the new avatar, seems like you've searched so long for someone worthy of you and I hope you have found it. :)
    LOVED YOUR SLIDESHOW!!!!!!!!!! you look soooo happy!
    Thank you for adding me...I feel loved and special...a rare treat lately...Hope your day is going well...please remember that you are a valued Goddess and you deserve to be treated w/love and kindness....always. Blessings, Jann
    Damn it...another one! I knew I forgot to do something!!!! You know this is MY job to be the first!

    Hello Gypsy love!
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