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  • Hope you are still kickin Jody! My heart goes out to you! You seem to be a real beautiful person and great mother!
    Hi Jody, I was looking here on your page in the hope to find out how you are doing! I see that you are still checking the site! I wish you all the best and a nice summer too!
    Hey you, I've tried to send you a private message but your box is full. Remember me? I'm just dropping back into ageless to reconnect with some members I've missed and guess what your one of them lol. You can find me on fb as I hope you are doing well.

    hi i m looking for someone mature to have love relationship help me find it
    Hello Jody!

    Thank you to adding the frienship. I have a question. Have you got woman in this forum from Switzerland, who also are a member here?

    I'm looking to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

    I'm happy to see you back here!!! Joel and I also had a though time in December, but we're doing fine now! I did however decide to step down as a mod since it took too much time out of our family life....
    I would like my account deleted from here. Please change my username to guest. Best Regards
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