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    Hi, a newbie here, i´ve had relationship with older women since i´was 12 (first sexual experience), since them, i date older women cuz i like them so much, i love mature, thick, motherly older women, i´m 25, and happy to know you all, i´m single by the way. Thanks for this great forum...
    Do you have to go through the VISA process to move here? Would you be able to then live between the two countries (because that would be awesome)? I bet Joel's family is really excited! If you move over here we'll have to find a way to meet up. :yes: Those pictures are so beautiful of you and Joel and something you'll treasure for many years.
    Wow! I'm moving there!!! Here we get any time before the baby that the doctor approves. After the baby you get 6-9 weeks depending on the birth. You can take up to a total of 3 months off, the difference being without pay. That's the standard here. Wow, our care sucks in comparison! :tongue2: I'm glad they give you that much time off to spend with the baby.
    Oh good because I miss your posts here! A year off? Nice! Here mom's get 6-9 weeks off before they are required to return to work, which isn't much time at all. :( Aña did the same thing to me, kicking as soon as I went to lay down! I can't wait to see pictures of baby Maria!!!

    Happy Christmas Aina!

    I hope You and Joel have have a wonderful christmas, and best wishes for the new year!
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