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    are u the one who deleted my thread? I want to delet my account from AL for good so help out.
    It's true though!! OMG, the men there (AND the women - a lot of them are not picky about gender) are crazy! but once you get past that little shock, it is a lot of fun!
    Thank you, darlin'! I had a lot of fun getting it going once I figured out what I wanted to do :)

    By the way, glad to see youre on SL now!!! If you get confused about where to go and stuff, Aline (Bodhi Tree), Hao, Haraio, Lucent, and I are all long-time members and we'd love to help you out. The generic stuff you get in the beginning is so ugly compared to what you can do once you get going!
    hey beautiful, YA the princess bride is kind of our theme with peaco*ks it was the first movie we ever watched together
    HAHA I'm full of took me forever but I got it done so now I'm happy..thank you!!
    OH i just noticed!! you born on the 1st of July! me on the 3rd of July!! but different year tho :)
    ooooo Nice ;))))

    Something new for moi! hehe
    Oh wow, I hope she is feeling better! When Jake got up for school this morning..he walked out in the living room...looked at me for a minute, and then threw up all over the floor. Kids!!!
    I love coming on here and just looking at the makes me feel so sad I am all blank...oh well...
    How are you sweets?
    God påske Joelstrouble^^

    Forresten, jeg posta opp en video av meg selv i Gamer-forumet. Sjekk den! :D
    Happy Easter to you as well darling!
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