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  • missed having you here!!! I always loved your honest, straight forward posts. Hope you post often!!!
    BOO! wishing you a beautiful day..I been working hard..missing my glad the visa is GOING on now MUAH! hugs to the family!
    *Looks at Steve*

    Dumb@$$.. Think with the other one, the head three feet above your @$$ dude.. :)

    CG is bored and wuz here. :)
    Yeah, I added that "My Husband" part after I got it/ Apparently, the wedding photo in my signature isn't blunt enough! LOL!
    LOL sorry I just HAD to laugh at what's below me!!!! I guess putting Jeremy as your HUSBAND doesn't help huh??? LOL
    Yeah well she brings it out of me!
    Damn it...that is my job!!!!

    Hello Kristin!!!
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