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  • STAN ... How ARE you guy??? I haven't been here for some time but I AM still intrested in what's going on ... so ... what's going on with you?

    I moved to virginia ... will you write back? Let me know how you are doing?

    Dyan :)

    how are you? what are you up to? i haven't spent much time visiting at all of late as i moved from west palm to alexandria, virginia and love it. i've been here since last october, am near my son and my grandchildren, and there is just so much to do ...

    let me know how you are will you?

    always curious about ... the man.

    dy :)
    Hey Stan!

    We meet again! How are you? I hope you enjoy the holidays. :)

    Hi Stan,

    I'm "in town" visiting Ageless (he he) and thought I'd say hi to you. How are things in Chattanooga? I'm doing well...workin' like a dog. Enjoying a Florida winter. How is your world?

    Best, Kat
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