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    Nice holiday pictures Mebel and Kevin. I hope you weren't affected by the storm.
    Thank you, Mebel! It was a lovely day, the weather was autumn at it's absolute best! I hope all is well with you. My daughter is still in Holland and doing well. She has (finally) found a job and that has made her feel much better.
    We might be back there in the spring, perhaps we can meet?!
    Hi Mebel, dear neighbour - I have not forgotten about you. I am in a small language class with four other students - each from a different country. It is quite interesting. Italians tend to eat late. We have lunch at 2 and dinner at 8 to 8.30 p.m. Hope you are doing well and you are not trying out as many deserts as I do.
    Good Morning...l.......I am starting on a new series ..."war ponies/horses" not sure if I mentioned that I am moving my art studio downstairs to the sun room because now that I am taking care of my 87 yo mom full time I am not able to be on the third floor cause that is too far from her. She is now in a wheelchair and I am worn out ... being a caregiver is really hard and depressing to say the least.. .as I know you understand Mebel... as for the are the 9 herbs in the tincture.. I thought that there was 11 ..humm made it over a year ago and have so much stored .. I used a pint of vodka and an oz of herbs each.
    foo ti root
    ginko biloba
    ginsing root
    afrikan bird pepper (cayenne pepper)
    muira puama chips
    licorice root
    yellow dock
    valerian root

    the pepper makes this tincture very hot to the be aware that it does have a kick to it...
    Het was super geweldig wij als aapies in de boomhut! :yes:

    Lovekiss :lips::lips::lips:
    Thanks...!:D I am glad to be here at an hour before midnight for And it is nice to see confirmation I am not a freaky perv >_<.
    Luckily I do get a lot of support and unique EU view from my friend in Helsinki (I notice you're from her neck of the woods) or I'd have foundered by now.
    Thanks for the birthday wishes! I didn't see the message until today. *hugs*
    Mebel! You are a dear sweet person for thinking of me. I really appreciate it. You have my graduation day marked? That is the sweetest. I am trying hard to be strong. I have a lot to do in taking care of my sweetie, but have to try to push on through. XOXO THANK YOU!
    Thank you for the birthday wishes - I'm sorry i missed yours - i have had a rough month or so - huge relationship problems, nothing i want to post about here and so far, we are still trying to make it work, but i have been around even less with everythnig going on. But your message was very thoughtful :bighug:
    Mebel, I hope you had a wonderful birthday! :birthday09::runnningaround::bighug:
    Heyyy mijn liefste die jarig is! Van harte gefeliciteerd! :birthday09::bday3::birthday09: :feest013::feest013:

    Geweldige dag met je gehad. 55 hele lekkere verjaardagszoentjes voor :lips: jou! :lips:
    I had read in one of Kevin's visitors message on the 03'd a reference about birthday 09.!!! Glad you two are cosy anyway!
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