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  • Your welcome Mebel.......sharing is my favorite word in the english dictionary.;)
    Dank je wel voor het verzoek om je vriend te zijn. Het was een mooi moment om wakker te worden. Zeg hallo tegen Kevindh voor mij. Ik zie dat hij speelt gitaar .... ook van mij. Vraag hem of hij wil Damian Rice. Het is grappig, vlak voordat ik vanmorgen wakker werd, ik droomde dat ik de "Blower's Daughter" Have a great day, Mebel en Kevindh playng! Je maakte mijn dag!
    Thats cool Mebel! I used it when I was taking my french teacher spotted mistakes from time to time...but otherwise it is a great tool for comunicating in other languages.....WOW this is!!!
    Bedankt voor de complimenten over mijn berichten. Ik gebruik de google vertaler om dit bericht te schrijven. Laat me weten of het juist is
    just want to peek in and say Hello.. .thinking your way....k
    We gaan er een lange zoektocht van maken! Hiha. :runnningaround::tongue2:

    Kom snel naar de lovebunker! :yay::lips:
    Hey Mebel,
    I haven't been on this site for months and just wanted to drop by and say hi .Everything is going great for me, we got married October 6th and I couldn't be happier. How are things for you? hugs
    Hey lovely,

    Heb zin in zondag om ons te vieren! Prachtjaren met je gehad, dat er nog meer mogen komen! :yay::lips::kiss2::lips::angel2::yourock:
    :kiss2: On wednesday 5 november 2008 we saw each other for the first time in real life!:cheers:
    Hello Mebel! Thank you for the birthday wish! My daughter is still in Den Bos.. my husband and I went to visit this past August. She was graduating from Tilburg University and we wanted to be there. I thought about getting in touch with you to see if we could meet, but things got a little crazy while we were there. My daughter and her boyfriend broke up while we were there, it was a little messy! They are back together now, but I'm not sure that is for the best. Anyway, the next time we visit ( if there is a next time! :rolleyes:) I will get in touch.
    I hope all is well with you!
    Hi Mebel! Bedankt voor je berichtje! Zeker grootse plannen, maar we nemen de tijd om er goed over na te denken :D
    Thanks so much! I just saw this message today for some reason. I am just not focusing on it and enjoying my man :)
    Hiha, ja ik was hem heel lang kwijt, is ook een wachtwoord die ik niet meer gebruik maar opeens had ik hem weer. Wat een leuke berichtjes heb je op je profiel staan. Xxxxx
    You two are such a lovely couple. I am always happy to see a picture of you, and and enjoy every message of you.
    We,me 54+ym25,are very happy with eachother,and almost 4 years together in this wonderful happy love relationship.
    I have read and learned a lot in all these threads in the last 2 years i joined Ageless . And I made friends here!
    I want to thank you all for your support!:rose:
    Hi Mebel.........I am still with Mike... but not sure for how long... I am not feeling comfortable with the age difference... it was fine at first but after living with him ... well I am not happy... so he has till April 8th to quit drinking... he won't ... did not realize how hooked on alcohol he is... I will keep you posted... \
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