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  • Hi Mebel, are you talking about the little boy who has cancer? If so, he is doing very well. His last scans showed no evidence of disease. He is being rescanned this week. In the meantime, his mommy is enjoying watching him just be a little boy. It is really amazing that he is doing so well. We pray that he continues to do so. He is so precious.
    Thanks Mebel for the birthday wishes on Jan. 29th! I'm sorry I didn't reply back sooner, but I try to distance myself from Ageless here and there. There is too much drama and condescending people on this forum, I will not go into specific names or details. I mean, some people just absolutely have no respect for other people or other views..they know anything and everything about your relationship. I'm here to say that no one knows anything about my husband and I! We are overflowing with love and happiness!! Thank you for all your best wishes!
    Hej Mebel........I am sick to my stomach and so very disappointed that my new relationship has gone so sour. I tried to work thru it but I see now that I jumped too soon into this one. I put him in a hotel room yesterday. His drinking and obsessive behavior is more than I need to deal with. I hope he finds himself one day. But I am not prepared to deal with it at this point in my life. OHHH well... life is interesting...and now I am alone again... kinda sad...
    thank you for being here for me.... means a lot to me..
    Hi! Thanks for the welcome! Fijn om een Nederlander tegen te komen hier! :D
    Thank you! I'm glad to find more people I can talk to about this, for the longest time I felt very alone.
    Oehhhh hai love,

    Dank voor de heerlijke nacht mmm! Zo hard we sliepen op dat ijzerwerk van het oude matras zo zacht slapen we nu op onze nieuwe veertjes!

    Kus, Hug, Love,

    Thank you so much.....hugs back!

    Valerie ~
    thank you for letting me know about your's inspiring to see the two of you!
    Mebel.........guess what.........I met someone........OMG.........I am on cloud nine... lol.................MERRY CHRISTMAS to both of K
    No spa until next month, we spent our anniversary at his mum's home, on the couch, watching TV with his mum.. I caught a bad head cold and that was one of the worse days of it.. but my sweetheart made me many cups of hot tea and got me toast and cuddled me so it was all right :) He is now here in Canada to STAY :D
    Hi Mebel! Good to hear from you, it seemed that there were suddenly a lot of new negative people here, so I have been hanging out on pregnancy forums more lately. Are you and Kevin doing well? It's never been better with me and my fiance, we are so excited for our little boy to arrive.:)
    YOu two look fantastic........I sure hope life is going well.... just stopped by to say hello and happy Halloween

    ms kitty....
    Thank you, Mebel for the birthday wish! I'm glad you had a good week.. you two deserve it!
    Thank you, Mebel for the birthday wish! I'm glad you had a good week.. you two deserve it!
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